How to Make Images Dance?

31 December 2009

This isn't a hack, isn't illegal and only affects your own computer.

With the use of javascript, you could just put it in your address bar to run the code and make your images dance in any way you want! This is for fun purposes only.

Go to a website preferably with lots of images.
2. Wait until it fully loads.
3. Copy and paste the following code into the address bar.


javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24;x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI=document.images; DIL=DI.length;function A(){for(i=0; i<DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style;DIS.position='absolute'; DIS.left=Math.sin(R*x1+i*x2+x3)*x4+x5;*y1+i*y2+y3)*y4+y5}R++ }setInterval('A()',5); void(0);

Then watch the images on that website move around in your computer. To alter directions and ways the images may move, just change the x and y values and mess around with whatever number you find. If you understand the mathematical formula there, you can try changing to a better formula to make your images go in your own ways.


What is RSS Feed?

29 December 2009

As some of you may question, what is RSS Feed and why do I put it up on the menu bar?

A web feed is basically a data format used for frequently updated content. The most useful thing about web feeds are whenever you have internet access, you get the updated content immediately. Else, you can manually update them yourself.

Web feeds are extremely useful especially for Google News and other up-to-date contents any of the readers may want to read about.

RSS Icon

How to Subscribe to a Feed
To subscribe to a web feed, you can add the web address or feed address to your Feeds.

For example, click on the RSS Icon at the menu of my blog to go to my blog feed. Then, just click Subscribe to Feed or something of the sort located at the menu at the side.

For Internet Explorer or possibly other browsers, Feeds are located under Favorites.

My Feeds Only Update When I View Them!
If you haven't already set automatic update for your feeds, you can go to your settings or internet options to set your update schedule. Once set, the feeds will update even if you are not actively using a browser, bad for phones which need credit when downloading data.

For Internet Explorer users, go to Tools > Internet Options. Then click the Content tab and click Settings under Feeds and Web Slices. Check Automatically Update Feeds and Web Slices.

The advantages of web feeds are simple.
1. Users do not need to enter any information about themselves such as e-mail.
2. Users do not need to notify or request to unsubscribe or subscribe a feed.
3. Users can view more efficiently as it is well sorted and much simpler.

To receive frequent and quick updates from my blog, subscribe now as well. It is simple and easy to do!


How to Do Word Clouds?

28 December 2009

Word clouds are a bunch of words arranged in different ways and different sizes.

As seen in many different sites, word clouds alone are done best using the computer with a plain dark background, filled with words of different sizes and different arrangements as well as different colours.

These words express and catch the attention of many viewers, to see what the writer has written and be able to know what they thought at that time, as well as the progression of the thoughts into other keywords. It's very interesting to view how it is and the various things that comes into your mind when looking at the word and how it is emphasized or subscripted in word clouds.

Apart from plain words, you can try adding in drawings and sentences that will tell more of a story or comedy instead.

Some lovers/couples have a doodle book to draw or write in their own ways to express instead of just talking. Here is a simple example of a doodle communication.

As shown above, they're all sentences instead of words. Drawings show and tell as one lover tells that he has played The Sims 3. Then it moved on to how he made his sims WooHoo and the way sims recycle by throwing stuff into the dustbin. The black arrow leads to the piece of dung which is then seen as a way of recycling to save the trees by another small arrow. Many other paths can be seen, and it's up to the viewer how they would see the story, which is pretty hard to find the right way.

All to all, this way of art as well as the pictures can make a good decoration or art for clothes or anything. With random ideas jumbled together, word clouds make a very good piece of art.


WNxH: Christmas Dream

27 December 2009

Today's strip of WNx Homestay is out!

This might be the last or the 2nd last strip I would make for this month. Next month I'll be doing National Service and there won't be anymore updates on comic strips.

WNx Homestay: Christmas Dream

If you're wondering who Wallyba is cosplaying as, it's Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid. I have her pictures on the sidebar, as well as the clock. She's cute, she's fabulous, she's a singer and she's great! =D


[Notice] - Blog's Inactivity

26 December 2009

Blog has been inactive these few days with very low frequency of posts.

I know it has been inactive and there isn't much to see now in this blog, because I have been travelling to KL for Christmas and some family matters. Therefore! I would like to apologize for the long inactive periods of my blog that held all of you back from visiting more often.

Guides have been reduced to almost none per week. So I hope you could bear with me more as I will post whenever I have the time!

Break Periods
These are the following dates the blog will be very inactive.
1 January 2010 - 2 January 2010 (New Year, will be in KL)
3 January 2010 - 14 March 2010 (National Service)
Maybe from May 2010 Onwards (College In-take)

When I am away in those break periods, my girlfriend will take over for me. She has her studies and work to do, her schedule is always full as well. So the blog won't be as active as ever, but it will stay alive as long as I'm here to take care of it.

So please start visiting more often after 14 March 2010, as Terminator said...



Genting Trip

22 December 2009

On the 15th of December 2009, I went on a trip to Genting Highlands!!

Well the trip to Genting Highlands was fun and awesome...and incomplete without my precious girlfriend! Thanks to Jimmy as the organizer for the trip...there's only 4 people who went including me.

Jimmy Loh
Teh Nian Peng
Kwan Toh Jun
Nicholas Wong

Along with other 5SC1 fellas, and some people who were coincidentically in Genting on that date such as Toon Kah Chuen, Geston Yong and Kwok Bing Loon, we all were having fun in our separate ways. We first arrived at First World Hotel. So! Let's get in some pictures.

Snowman at First World Hotel Lobby

Christmas Feel.

The first day, we waited to check in to the hotel at 12pm. After checking in, we had some good rest, and we walked around First World Plaza to look around and see what we could plan. We had lunch at Burger King! But Jimmy and Teh ordered beef burgers, which they couldn't eat because they're Buddhists. They ate anyway, just rinse their mouth and pray pray!

We also went for Archery and of course... Nicholas is still the best at it. We then went back to our hotel room, 21 810 Tower 2 @ First World and played cards and stuff.

I helped another family took a photo!

On the 2nd day! 16th of December 2009, I was fascinated because today marks 1 year and 9 months of time of my relationship with my girlfriend. We call this Honey Lemon day if you have forgotten or did not read the earlier posts.

We woke up very early and sent Teh and Kwan to free breakfast at First World Cafe while Jimmy and I head on to get the tickets for Outdoor Theme Park. It was around 8 in the morning, there was so little people in the theme park.

We got to enjoy most of the rides such as:
Pirate Ship (x)
Rolling Thunder Mine (xx)
Fire Dragon thing (xxx)
Flying Coaster (xxxx)
Spinning Chair thing (x)
Go-Karts (-)

Some of the cool rides were closed, and we didn't get to try Corkscrew & Space Shot because of mist. The X is the rating of how scary the rides are to me. Scary = Fun. I'm sure Corkscrew would score a 5! =)

After enjoying all these, my girlfriend Nico came with her friend Chu Jin! So we now have a new party consisting of 6 people! (RPG Fever) Since they came late, we had to queue up for almost an hour at the Go-Kart. Of course, Nicholas won again, and then we head on to have lunch at Hou Mei. Nico and I wanted time together, so we had lunch later and enjoyed our own sweet couple time by ourselves.

Muax-muax in Hotel Room! Hawt!

Time flies when Nico and I were together, till night, we went to the gardens near the theme park. We stayed there, walking around in that maze till midnight. Jimmy and the rest are there too, we enjoyed the nice scenery despite the heavy mist and low temperature.

Finally! A picture with both of us inside!

Our couple rings.

We also took a group photo which is in Toh Jun's camera. Right now he's in Negeri Sembilan...couldn't get the photos. As time flies past midnight, Nico had to go. My heart was heavy and painful, I wanted her to stay. I had to wait months and years just to see her again. We hugged each other so tightly and finally kissed goodbye.

We promised that we will wait for each other no matter what.

On the 3rd day, 17th of December 2009, we had to head home at 4pm. So we woke up early as usual to get our breakfast. Then, we started walking around First World, Highlands and Genting for souvenirs. I got some chocolates, lighter and keychains for my family!

Jimmy was excited as we entered the Gallery. Inside, there's a whole history of Genting and about Lim Goh Tong. So we took some pictures and knew all about it.

The giant cabinet of medals and items.

Heh, 3 nubs discovered an artifact! What is it?

They discovered the new generation power ranger goats!

There was a whole consturction plan and design as well as the view of Genting Highlands in models. It was wonderful and we had lots of fun. It was an awesome trip, lots of fun and though we could have had more, we were tired and exhausted of all the walking and sight-seeing.

I would like to apologize to Jimmy and the rest for taking a lot of their time to direct Nico and I to places we want to go...and they had given us a lot of time together alone. Because of how they would tolerate us, I had less time to spend with my friends. Eventually the time loss would take away other activities such as arcades and so on away because you all were waiting for me.

I'm sorry to Chu Jin as well for taking away Nico and making her bored like hell.

How I miss these sweet moments together.

Overall, the trip was fun and exciting for me. I had lots of fun with my girlfriend, which I hope would be my future wife!

I miss you baby...I love you always. Although we couldn't meet so often, we had to wait for months and years just for a date, I would still wait, and I'm still waiting. I would wait till I die if I had to, just to meet you...just to hold you tight in my arms and just to give you a kiss. I would die for that. Thanks for everything, baby!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

More pictures are with Toh Jun and Jimmy. I might put them up here when I get it.


WNxH: Missing Girlfriend?

21 December 2009

WNx Homestay comic strip for yesterday is out!

Sorry for the late release, I've been missing my girlfriend these days and haven't got the mood recently to do much. It's so sad to have only meet your lover for one day and then had to part ways for months and years before getting to meet each other again.

WNx Homestay: Missing Girlfriend?


How to Make a RPG Book?

18 December 2009

A role-playing game book is a book where you embark on a journey with your selected character.

A RPG Book is a book where you decide the storyline. The book has many pages, and each decision you make will direct you to a specific page to continue your story. The decisions you make might influence the outcome of the story and how your character will develop by playing as the character in the book.

How To Start?
To start making characters, you need to think what your character's race is. Think about age, clothing, hobbies, class and so on to build your own character. Make a detailed biodata of the character, as well as sketch him/her out.

2. Plot
You need to make a thorough story that consists of lots of action and adventure that players would like to go through and make decisions themselves. Draw the setting, the places they go and the situations. Put in a box for them to make decisions to guide themselves through the plot.

3. Battle System & Events
Some RPG Books include a battle system where you can roll a dice to determine how you would fight an enemy. Create your own battle systems by including a dice and counters to keep track of hit points and damage. You can also use dices for random events.

How to Create?
1. Get a book or lots of paper.
Estimate an amount of pages you need to use for your RPG Book. Your book should have lots of pages for the many and random decisions that players might choose. The longer your story is, the better.

2. Character Selection
Make a page where the player can select a character. Include a short description and direct them to a page where they would start after selection. If your story has only one character, then you can let the player discover who he/she actually is while progressing through the story.

3. Decision Making Storyline
Tell your story through illustrations and writing and then let the player decide what to do next. Make a box at the bottom of the page and include a few choices that lead to different pages.

4. More than one ending.
After a series of battles and decision making, the player would finally come to the end of the story. It wouldn't be good if no matter what decision the player make, the ending would still be the same. So, make lots of endings including good and bad endings that are based on the player's decisions.

Additional Tips & Examples
Influence System
As seen in certain RPGs, Influence System is one of the things they use to determine what kind of outcome there will be in certain situations. This is also similar to Karma System or others. With this system, if the character chooses to help or side towards a clan or belief, they will gain more influence in that particular part. This is also similar to Star Wars' Light or Darkside.

While walking in the Acacia Forest, you saw an elf struggling within the binded magic of a skeletal necromancer.

1. Attack the necromancer to free the elf.
2. You understand the intentions of the necromancer in harnessing the power of the elves. Help the necromancer by drawing out the energies of the elf for him.
3. Ignore and move on.

1. Elven Influence +10
2. Undead Influence +5
3. Nothing

2. Dice Battle System or Dice Event System
The dice can be used to either determine the damage, or determine the future. By rolling the dice, you can give each dice side (1-6) an event, which is actually random depending on the player's luck. This will determine the outcome of the battle, so players don't always win all the time. Sometimes these dice events will make players go through even more exciting situations.

You are fighting Arun the Necromancer.

Dice Chance Outcomes:
1 - The Necromancer conjured a suffocating spell. Roll the dice again. If outcome is 1, 2 or 3, then you have failed to defeat the Necromancer and must proceed to page 103. Else, you are able to free yourself and continue this battle again.

2 - You are able to find an opening as the Necromancer tried to attack you. You went to his back and stabbed him with your sword. The Necromancer was defeated and you freed the elf. Proceed to page 105.

3 - Roll the dice again.

4 - The Necromancer casted a time distortion spell, go back to page 84.

5 - The Necromancer was far more powerful than you had imagined. He brought the aura of death to send you to the Underworld. If you have already been there previously, then this battle continues. Else, proceed to the Underworld at page 40.

6 - You can choose a spell from your spellbook and try your luck on the Necromancer.

3. Hit Points System
Using counters, you can make a hit points system for your character or enemy. Simply make a page with your character's stats and spells that you can keep track of their hit points by using counters like these.

Celestine Salvgador - 50HP

Make each counter a 10HP hit. Therefore, if there are 5 counters here, means your character is dead. When a character is dead, you can ask the player to proceed to a certain page to revive themselves or something of the sort.

You can also create your own counters by cutting out round cardboard pieces and write numbers on it.

Have fun making your own RPG Book! RPG Books are always fun and adventurous and is suitable for all ages. There are many more systems you can think of and make. Use your own imagination to make your book more enjoyable!


WNxH: Thought of Death

13 December 2009

This Sunday's edition of WNx Homestay is out!

This strip is about Lulu and Eggy, where they saw advertisements of their own kind being used to made commercial products.

WNx Homestay: Thought of Death?


Gaming Sportsmanship II

11 December 2009

The second part of gaming sportsmanship.

This second part is about gaming sportsmanship OUTSIDE of a game, not IN a game.

This is one of the examples I recently had and this guy private messaged me. This conversation is in Garena's WC3 RPG Malaysia Room 02, with his gaming name, ^Holy^_^Devil^. Therefore, the conversation will be a little bit asian-ish.

[11:26:30]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
open slot pls
[11:26:33]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i wa joni u game
[11:26:34]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i got map d
[11:26:44]RailKill Say:
dont lie to map is not spread to anyone
[11:27:14]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:27:16]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
me no lie
[11:27:18]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:27:22]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if i lie
[11:27:24]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i cut my kuku]
[11:27:27]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
giv me in pls
[11:27:42]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i go tat map
[11:27:45]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
tryust me
[11:27:47]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i got
[11:27:48]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:27:50]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
let me join

Gaming Sportsmanship Rule #1: Do not beg for a room. If you have the map, host it yourself. Do not make bets that you will cut your genitals because it's obviously a lie.

[11:27:51]RailKill Say:
and what is that map?
[11:27:52]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if i no tat map
[11:27:54]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u kik me
[11:27:59]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
left 4death]
[11:28:2]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if i no tat map
[11:28:3]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u kik me
[11:28:5]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:

Gaming Sportsmanship Rule #2: No point pleading to join a game especially when you can't spell the name properly. (left 4death = Left 4 Dead) The reason why is because my map's name is viewable even if players don't have it, and even so this player could not spell out the name.

[11:28:11]RailKill Say:
u wont have
[11:28:16]RailKill Say:
this is not downloadable online yet
[11:28:26]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i hav
[11:28:28]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u trust me ma?
[11:28:29]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:28:32]RailKill Say:
i dont
[11:28:35]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
let me in
[11:28:37]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if i dl
[11:28:38]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u kik me
[11:28:39]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:28:41]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i ral have
[11:28:43]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if i lie
[11:28:44]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i cut
[11:28:50]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i say real
[11:28:51]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:29:7]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
can u let me join?

Gaming Sportsmanship Rule #3: When the game is not uploaded to the net, it will not be in the net.

[11:29:11]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if don
[11:29:13]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:29:16]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:29:21]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
haizdon tryustme then don la
[11:29:23]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:29:32]RailKill Say:
yes i dont trust you
[11:29:48]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u let me in 1sdt la
[11:29:51]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if i dl
[11:29:53]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u kik me
[11:29:56]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:29:58]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u jus see
[11:30:2]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i got or no tat map
[11:30:18]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
jus open 1 slot

Gaming Sportsmanship Rule #4: Don't say never mind when you know the next second you go sighing and cursing randomly.

[11:30:18]RailKill Say:
if you're not my friend, dont speak to me about my map
[11:30:19]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
let me in
[11:30:43]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:30:44]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i tell u
[11:30:50]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i oli can say i got tat map aso
[11:30:51]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:30:55]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
don let me in then don
[11:31:0]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if i got u die tonight12pm
[11:31:2]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:3]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:4]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:8]RailKill Say:
[11:31:9]RailKill Say:
[11:31:14]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:16]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:21]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
ba n u
[11:31:25]RailKill Say:
[11:31:28]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:29]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:31]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:35]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u sure die la i tell u
[11:31:37]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:

Gaming Sportsmanship Rule #5: Making jokes is good and makes people happy (e.g. u die tonight 12pm) [and who would thought 12pm is at night anyway], but doing in such a way is still bad sportsmanship and humiliates yourself.

[11:32:12]RailKill Say:
thanks for posting ur immaturity, i will put ur name up among my friends for them to see
[11:32:22]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:32:22]RailKill Say:
and u dont have to tell me what u think about it
[11:32:26]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
tis not my id aso
[11:32:28]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
my fren d
[11:32:28]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:32:29]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:32:31]RailKill Say:
its ok
[11:32:33]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u ban 3day
[11:32:34]RailKill Say:
ur fren will get it then

Gaming Sportsmanship Rule #6: Do not use the excuse that you are using your friend's ID because it does not make any difference. It also seems that the player does not exactly know what banning even is.

The whole conversation is no doubt, funny and enjoyable. However, for those who take it seriously, you are only at loss because you are the only one who is frustrated. So my fellow gamers! A game is a game, no point ranting over stuff and wasting your time. A game is made to play for fun, not to win.

Please follow my advice on gaming sportsmanship to make the gaming world a better place for all new gamers!

How to Start a Blog?

10 December 2009

No knowledge of HTML, CSS or creating stuff related to computers? No worries.

With the free bloggging services provided today, anyone can just start a blog without much hassle. They also provide free templates, graphical user interface, and everything you can add into your blog just by point and click.

So, if you really have no knowledge on any of this, you may read this guide for some simple ways to get your blog started.

1. Find a free blogging service provider.
Take a look at them on the net and see what you can do with the things they provide.
These are the examples, you may find more on the Internet.

2. Sign up an Account.
When you enter their website, you will most probably see a link or an attractive button that says Create A Blog or something of the sort. You just need to click that and it will direct you to create an account. Fill in your details.

3. Naming Your Blog.
When thinking of a name, you might want to set a theme or a topic regarding the contents of your blog. If your blog is about chocolates you can name it, "A Chocoholic's View" or so on. They will also ask you to name your domain. This is the address that viewers need to visit your blog.

4. Choosing a Template.
After you finished creating an account and naming your blog, they will provide you a list of colourful templates to choose from. These templates are the basic layout and style of your blog, so choose what you like. They are already pre-made and therefore you don't need to write your own codes.

5. Private or Public?
The blogging service provider site will eventually ask you whether you want your blog to be private where only invited guests can view or public. If your blog is mostly about personal stuff and secrets, you might as well make your blog private.

After you finished the steps above, you should be done! You are ready to publish your first post. You may go to the Posting menu to type in anything and click Publish to put it up on your blog.

Spicing Up Your Blog
Custom Templates
These are the examples of websites you may find blog templates from. You can also search it up by typing, "Blog Templates for (Your Blogging Service Provider)" to find.

After you found your favourite template, you may need to download the code or just copy and paste if it is given to your blog's HTML box. It would most likely be in the Layout menu. For Blogger, it is in Layout/Edit HTML. So you just need to paste all of that code in.

2. Spreading your blog.
You can spread your blog by posting your blog link to everyone. You may send it in instant messaging or even in your friends' blogs by comment. You may let Google or other search engines know about your blog so people can search it up. For more tips on popularizing your blog, you may view my guide here.

3. Adding in pictures and videos.
It's better to add in some pictures and videos here and there in your blog posts so your readers don't get too bored reading a bunch of text. To add pictures or videos, simply click on the Add Image or Add Video icon in the Post Editor while writing a post. Then put in the address of the image/video and click Upload.

If you want to add a picture as the big title of your blog, you will need to change the HTML code and add the image code in, which also depends on your template. However, some blogging service providers like Blogger offer a Heading Picture sort of thing in the Widgets section that you can make use of easily.

4. Adding widgets.
To spice up your blog, you can add widgets such as a comment box or a music playlist. - Comment Box - Chatbox - Visitor Counter - Music/Video Playlist - Clocks
Some widgets are also provided in the blogging service provider itself such as Labels, Post Archive, Wishlist and so on.

To add a widget, click on Add Gadget or Add Widget at the Layout menu, then select the widget you like to add. To add custom widgets such as the Cbox, click the HTML Code Widget and just copy and paste the Cbox code in.

Last Notes
If you wish to have your very own domain and don't want the blogging service provider to add its own name in the domain, (e.g., then you will need to pay the blogging service.

You will still need to pay if you are hosting your own blog. If you are hosting your own blog, make sure you have knowledge on database and basic coding for your blog. You will also need Wordpress programme and a web host. Since this is complicated, why don't we just get Blogger or Xanga instead? =)

Blog is also abbreviated from Weblog, which means web-based journal.


SPM is Over

08 December 2009

Congratulations to those who have taken the 9 subjects, which are the science classes.

It's just a matter of time for the rest of the Form 5s finish their examinations, so be sure to enjoy your holidays! Christmas is also coming, so enjoy your day and make sure you get lots of presents. Congratulations to those who've finished their exams and happy holidays!

A few new guides will be coming up these few days. Be sure to visit and take a look!


WNxH: Cat or Cow?

06 December 2009

WNx Homestay comic is up for today!

Sorry for the late update, I was in Kuala Lumpur for some time and I just came back today. Enjoy this comic strip for today!

WNx Homestay: Cat or Cow?


Can Dogs Cry?

04 December 2009

Can dogs cry and are they as emotional as humans?

When I first heard that dogs can cry, I did not believe it. I only believed that they could show sadness and grief, but could not cry or shed tears. However, I was proven wrong when one of my dogs had to be given away. The other dog's eyes were teary! My dog's crying had made me sad to actually take a picture of it. The sight is so sorrowful. Therefore, no pictures of my crying dog will be here.

This is not an actual picture of a dog crying.

Ability to Shed Tears
Many people said that they do not shed tears. This is wrong, all dogs have the ability to shed tears because of the gland which is present. The glands which create tears have a main purpose of cleaning their eyes whenever there is dirt or sand entering it, same as humans. Although dogs also can cry and shed tears, they do not shed as much tears compared to humans and most of the tears are immediately absorbed by the fur.

Why Dogs Cry?
Dogs have emotion just like many other mammals do. When they are in distress or suffered a lost, especially love or another dog/human, they will feel sad unless they really do not have any love for them. Dogs may know it before it happens, either by humans telling them or them realizing themselves, which will cause them to be sad and even shed tears.

When dogs are in great distress, they will eventually be moody and is not as active as before. They will go to places where they usually find themselves with the lost person/animal with, and so on. Dogs which are in a very great distress may continue to suffer and mourn, even until death. A crying dog may act just like a human who is sad and down.

How To Know If There's Tears?
Tears don't just flow down the cheeks like humans do as they're absorbed by the fur. Look for wet rings at the bottom of the eyes, which quickly dry up over time. It's harder to look when you have a black dog. Try feeling the eyes and brushing on the lower side of the eyes. Certain dogs' eyes may sore up when crying. In this case, you can see the reddish and teary appearance in the eyes.

(Beware that this might be a symptom of a disease instead of actually crying)

Always take care of your dog and be sure to be there for them when they need you.


Paintball In Ipoh

02 December 2009

To all people living in Perak or Ipoh, there is a new thing you can get yourselves into!

Yes, there is a new paintball field opened in Ipoh which is opened at around July 2009! It is open to everyone, so if you want to try it, you can look at the details given below. This seems to be the first speedsball field in Ipoh.

Venue / Map

Package A - RM80 for 500 pellets, mask and marker.

There are other packages etc. and packages for people who have their own markers. Please enquire them more about it for more information.

You may contact the following people who are in charge of the paintball field.

Benz S.P - +60194661161
Keng - +60125220184

Happy paintballing with your friends!


Ability of Cats

01 December 2009

Kitty's ability? Are they what others say?

Most of you heard cat's have nine lives, land the right way up and so on. But are all of these statements true? Just a little discussion/info for all of you to look.

The Abilities Mentioned
1. Night-vision / Seeing in the dark!
It is true that the cats' eyes are able to adapt to the dark and can see much better than the human eye in the dark. However, they could not see in total darkness. If there's a little light, they are able to see. Perhaps not as clear as during the day, cats can predict their obstacles very well and look as if they can see everything in darkness.

2. Landing on their feet on every fall.
The reason how cats can angle themselves on falls are because they do not have a collarbone. Their backbones are more mobile than other animals. This is called the righting reflex, which already begins to appear when cats are at 3-4 weeks of age. However, if the cat were to fall from a larger height like 2 storeys or more, their legs could no longer absorb all the shock and will injure themselves.

3. Intelligence.
Cats are said to have intelligence. They are able to make use of what they learn and apply it in their own situations. If you teach a cat how to move a box, they might move the box in order to climb on and reach a higher area. Cats also have a better memory than dogs or even monkeys.

4. Curiousity.
Cats by nature are curious. They are able to observe and learn the things that humans do.

So kitty-lovers, if you ever own a cat, cats are very great at stuff. Although they have this "attitude" and "king-of-the-house" personality, they're very agile, smart and cute creatures. Their ingenious abilities have always been able to amaze their owners. You just have to hope that your cat isn't like Garfield!

All of the cat drawings above a done by Nico.


WNxH: Nobody Cares?

29 November 2009

29th of November strip for WNx Homestay is out!

Today's strip is out, which is about Xiiao the Hamster. He seems to have disappeared! Enjoy.

WNx Homestay: Nobody Cares?


SPM 2009 Biology Tips

28 November 2009

These are the tips for Biology, SPM Examinations 2009!

Again, a little reminder, the tips are merely a forecast and prediction. It may not exactly be the topics asked in the examination. Spotting questions will not necessarily bring you to success!

Paper 1
Cell Structure
Plasma Membrane
Cell Division (Mitosis/Meiosis)
Coordination and Response

Paper 2
Cell Division
Endangered Ecosystem

Paper 3
Dynamic Ecosystem



26 November 2009

You can find arts in all sort of ways...
This is a kind of art that is done with dots...

This drawing was completed last school holiday...
A shout out from Lemon to all our viewers...
Hope to see that fun
holidays awaits you...

Love Lemon~

Blog Posts in Facebook

23 November 2009

How to import your blog posts into your facebook as notes?

I know some of you may be wondering how to get your blog posts into your Facebook as some of your friends did. So this are just a few simple steps that can be done right away without any hassle.

Login to your Facebook and click Profile.

2. Click Options near the right side of the "What's On Your Mind?" box slightly below.

3. Click Settings.

4. Click Blog/RSS under Imported Stories which is under Stories Posted by You.

5. Put in your blog address for example, ( and Import.

That's about it, and your blog feed will be in your profile under the Notes box. Enjoy!


WNx Homestay: Evo's Cake

22 November 2009

WNx Homestay will be published here every Sunday!

I have started the WNx Homestay comic and it will be updated on this blog every Sunday regardless of the time. Be sure to check out every Sunday for more comic strips!

WNx Homestay: Evo's Cake


How to Make a Pen Rifle?

19 November 2009

Office weapon? Just a little weapon you can do using office utensils!

I know most of you are bored in the office...or maybe in school. This is a little weapon you can make during your free time using your stationary. Some call this the pen rifle, but you can call it whatever you want.

What You Need
- Pen that you can open both front and back.
- Rubber band.
- Strong duct tape.
- Pen cartridge (replaceable with bamboo skewers)


1. Put the pen cartridge into the pen that is opened up front and back to make a hollow tube.

2. Twist the rubber band and put it through the pen tube, about the middle of the pen tube.

3. Tape it into place, use duct tape. Cellophane tape is too weak, I just used it because it's all I have.

4. With the rubber band taped into place, stretch it to the back of your pen cartridge and pull it along like a slingshot. Pull further back until you get a decent tension on the rubber band. Release.

This weapon is not as weak as it looks. It CAN and WILL blind a person if they are shot in the eye even if it is a deflection from the wall. It will be very painful and will cause bleeding when hit on any exposed part of your skin. An average pen rifle shot can travel up to 6 feet which is still very dangerous within that range. Do not use it for fun just to hit your friends.

Do not stretch the rubber band too far out or the pen may miss the pen tube and hit your fingers instead. It will cause bleeding.

Also, the wearing out of the rubber band will cause the efficiency of the weapon to decrease. It will be harder to make a shot and it will be easier for you to injure yourself if you're not careful. Replace the rubber band with a new one if it is about to tear or is wearing off.


SPM 2009 Sejarah Tips

16 November 2009

These are the tips for the upcoming SPM 2009, Sejarah.

As usual, these are merely a forecast and spotting questions may not necessarily bring you to success!! Do not rely heavily on the tips given!

Form 4
Tamadun Indus / India (Persatuan, Perdagangan, Srestin)
Hindu-Buddha (Pentadbiran, Angkor Wat)
Penjelajahan dan Penerokaaan (Bab 9)
Bani Umaiyah
Bani Uthmaniyah
Teori Kedatangan Islam ke Asia Tenggara

Form 5
Nasionalisme (Thailand & Filipina)
Gerakan Pan-Islamisme / Gerakan Islah
Kesultanan Melayu Melaka
Perlembagaan Johor & Terengganu
Bidang Kuasa Yang Di-Pertuan Agong
Dewan Negara / Dewan Rakyat
Perang Dunia I (Faktor & Kesan)
Cabaran Masa Hadapan (Globalisasi / MSC / K-Masyarakat)

Thanks to Razif for the tips.


[Notice] - 1000+ Visitors!

15 November 2009

This blog has achieved more than 1000 visitors!

I know 1000 visitors isn't a lot, but this is our first blog anyway, so we'll thank all of your support for visiting our blog from time to time! I gladly appreciate it. Hopefully this blog will continue to give all of you more input and information about various things and how to live your life properly!

As a celebration, there is another WNx Homestay comic for you all to enjoy.

WNx Homestay: 1000+ Visitors Celebration


How to Draw Anime Cats?

14 November 2009

How to draw a cute cartoony cat that is not realistic? Here's how.

This cat is actually Ohmchii the Cat from my WNx Homestay comic. So this is how I draw anime-style cats, with those big anime eyes. It's actually pretty simple and what we want to do is to make it cute and cartoony. In my comic, Ohmchii the Cat is a cute and innocent cat with a slightly elegant look.

What You Need
- Pencil
- Compass


1. Use the compass to draw a circle.

2. Draw a curve inwards on the left side of the circle near the middle like this.

3. At the deepest point of the curve is where the eyes can be drawn. Draw two curves like this, like a frowning curve as the eyes. Join it together to form a square-like shape.

4. Add a circle at the top right corner in the eyes as highlights. Draw a small triangle slighty lower in between the eyes and draw a "3" pointing upwards as the cute smile. Draw ears at the side of the head with some distance between each other.

5. Add in some spikes around the circle to show fur. Draw a smaller body below the head.

This is the completed version of the drawing. I added all the stuff that Ohmchii needs to have.

I've added in a ribbon collar, some stripes at the side of the head and these two blushie ovals near the eyes to add in the overall cuteness of the kitty. Adding these feminine items show that the cat is a girl. Good luck in adding your own accessories and customizing your kitty!


How to Sell in Malaysia?

11 November 2009

Finding a way to sell items you don't want? Thinking that selling in Malaysia is hard?

I know some of you might have many things to sell, wanted to make some business or something of the sort. If you can't find people to sell to, use the Internet! Now I will show you the places you can sell your items effectively.

Places To Sell
1. is a free place to sell items where no registration is required. All you need is a valid email and your power to persuade buyers to buy your item.

2. is another great place to sell items. Here, you can also find cheap and good items from all categories. This is like eBay, there are auctions as well. It is certainly a great place for all Malaysians to sell.

For worldwide, eBay seems to be one of the best sites for selling items. Because eBay is a trusted and popular site, there's not much of a worry if your item isn't reaching to the people who are browsing for it.

Pawnshops / Stores
There are several stores in Malaysia which buy used items.

Cash Converter Malaysia is a shop buying used items in Malaysia. They have a few branches in Malaysia, and perhaps you could enquire them first about selling your item before going there. When you enter, you need to get a number and wait for your turn.

96 & 97, Lorong Mamanda 2
Ampang Point 68000 Ampang
Selangor DE
Tel: 03 – 42525025
Fax: 03 – 42525027

30-0 & 32-0, Ground Floor,
Lor. Batu Nilam,
4B Bandar Bukit Tinggi, 41200 Klang
Selangor DE
Tel: 03 – 33239759
Fax: 03 – 33239758

No. 23 Jln Jalan PJS8/18
Sunway Mentari
46150 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 5630 1008
Fax: 5630 1006

No. 57 Jalan SS23/15
Taman SEA
47400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor DE
Tel: 03 – 78801178
Fax: 03 – 78807290

@ Giant Hypermarket Plentong CP18E
3 Jalan Masai Lama
Mukim Plentong
81750 Johor Bahru
Tel : 07-3528180
Fax : 07-3528182

1. Always be sure to put full information of your item including pictures and its real scale by placing a coin or something beside it.

2. For payment options, COD is the best if you're meeting with the buyer.

3. Do not set your price too high or attempt to scam the buyer!!


How to Layout a Comic?

10 November 2009

Don't know how to make your panels in comics? Learn a simple way here.

I'm sure many of you have read comics such as Garfield and many others as well as manga. When you look at these comics, they always have a spacing in between panels. This little spacing can sometimes be present or absent depending on situations. I have made an example.

WNx Homestay: Playful Animals

Panel Boxes
Your boxes can be triangular in shape or any kind of shape you like. It is not necessary a square panel. The good thing about doing a shape that points towards another panel is it directs the reader to that panel.

2. Frameless
You don't even need to add a box frame as shown in the 1st panel sometimes. Careful not to make too many without boxes or else everything will seem like it's blending together and it will be harder to read.

3. Overlapping
Overlapping two panels with one can make a connection as well to direct readers to anywhere you want as shown in the 3rd panel.

4. Shorter Panels
Short panels indicate a shorter timeframe. It means if the event is happening very quickly, then your panel should be shorter as shown in the 6th panel. A big panel would take a longer time. Use this panel size to simulate the time in your comic.

Story Elements
You can draw your character's full body at one point in the page where it overlaps everything as shown in the 1st panel. This makes the character stand out and readers will read that first, before continuing. It can also show that the character is present in all other boxes it has overlapped as well.

2. Speech Bubbles
You can use your computer to add in text and speech bubbles in your comic. This is a better choice and makes a clear reading for readers.

3. Toning
Shadowing and toning can be done by the computer as well to produce very good effects than using pencil like the example.

Always leave some spacing between panels except certain ones so that readers can tell and read easily. Sometimes direct your readers around your page so that it isn't too boring. Please erase all your pencil guidelines...I didn't erase much for the example above.


How to Create an Airboard?

08 November 2009

This is how to create an airboard using air pressure.

I know what you all want is a hoverboard just like what you see in Back In The Future movie, but it's not what I can do yet. Instead of using magnetism, we'll just use air pressure. Airboard would be a better name for it although some people would like to call it a hoverboard.

This is already simplified so everyone can understand.

What You Need
- A Wooden Board
- A Heavy Duty Skirt (heavy duty cloth)
- PVC Pipes
- PVC Adhesive or Strong Tape
- A Strong Leaf Blower (or anything that blows air out)
- Staple Gun
- Ruler
- Pencil or Pen
- Saw
- Drill
- Screws

How It Works
It works just the same as a hovercraft. Just...smaller.

By using a leaf blower, it blows air into the heavy duty skirt through the board towards the ground. The skirt will then be inflated by air. In the skirt, there are several holes in the middle, allowing the air to escape from there. Because of the ground and the board, the air will have to push out through the bottom of the inflated skirt, creating a cushion of air.

Of course it doesn't look as exaggerated in the picture drawn above, but it's something like that.

For this guide, the board used will be 150cm x 60cm which is roughly around my size =P but of course you could use any measurement you want.

2. Prepare the leaf blower and put it on top of your board. The position doesn't matter, but you could put it at the back so it looks better.

3. You need to get PVC pipes which are suitable for your leaf blower. This is because we need to link the output of the leaf blower to go downwards to the ground. Measure, measure. Tape, tape. Get a 90 degree elbow to direct it downwards. Fix it to the leaf blower.

4. Now saw a hole of about the same size as the PVC pipe diameter but slightly bigger so you can fit it in. After sawing, secure the PVC pipe in place so that air can go out through that hole. Make sure everything is air-tight. Fix the leaf blower in place too. Round off the edges of your board by sawing.

5. Spread your heavy duty skirt and put your board on top of it. Cut the skirt so that you could wrap onto the board like you're wrapping a book. The cut skirt should be slightly bigger than the board, so that you could fold the skirt back up onto the board. Staple it in place with the staple gun.

Bottom View

6. Make another long rectangle from wood, plastic or basically anything to use as a gromit. Drill and screw this onto the middle of the board below, on the skirt. This is there so that when air inflates the skirt, the measurement is the same from the edge of the board to the gromit on all regions for equilibrium. In this case, a 100cm x 10cm gromit is used, leaving 25cm of space for the air to move in the skirt from edge to gromit. You may refer to the diagram above.

7. Now, cut some small holes of any measurement around the gromit maybe around 2cm to 5cm radius or more. Make sure they're all equidistant from each other. This isn't really important but it helps in balancing of the board later. In the diagram, the X marks are the positions of the holes. You could reduce the number of holes, it doesn't matter much.

8. Now put your board on the ground, start the leaf blower and hop on it!

1. If you don't wanna crash miserably, ride it on flat and smooth surfaces only.

2. It does not work on water, one leaf blower is certainly not enough.

3. If it doesn't hover, it's either everything is too heavy, the air isn't strong enough or the air escaped somewhere else.

4. You can steer it like a skateboard by leaning on one side, it might be hard.

5. Lastly, leaning too much to one side can fail you!

This is just a basic idea used in a hovercraft. It is made simpler into a mini-board just for fun. You could try something else like Airshoes or something by applying this onto shoes. Of course, you won't wanna do much with it because you could faceplant yourself anytime.