How to Do Word Clouds?

28 December 2009

Word clouds are a bunch of words arranged in different ways and different sizes.

As seen in many different sites, word clouds alone are done best using the computer with a plain dark background, filled with words of different sizes and different arrangements as well as different colours.

These words express and catch the attention of many viewers, to see what the writer has written and be able to know what they thought at that time, as well as the progression of the thoughts into other keywords. It's very interesting to view how it is and the various things that comes into your mind when looking at the word and how it is emphasized or subscripted in word clouds.

Apart from plain words, you can try adding in drawings and sentences that will tell more of a story or comedy instead.

Some lovers/couples have a doodle book to draw or write in their own ways to express instead of just talking. Here is a simple example of a doodle communication.

As shown above, they're all sentences instead of words. Drawings show and tell as one lover tells that he has played The Sims 3. Then it moved on to how he made his sims WooHoo and the way sims recycle by throwing stuff into the dustbin. The black arrow leads to the piece of dung which is then seen as a way of recycling to save the trees by another small arrow. Many other paths can be seen, and it's up to the viewer how they would see the story, which is pretty hard to find the right way.

All to all, this way of art as well as the pictures can make a good decoration or art for clothes or anything. With random ideas jumbled together, word clouds make a very good piece of art.