What is RSS Feed?

29 December 2009

As some of you may question, what is RSS Feed and why do I put it up on the menu bar?

A web feed is basically a data format used for frequently updated content. The most useful thing about web feeds are whenever you have internet access, you get the updated content immediately. Else, you can manually update them yourself.

Web feeds are extremely useful especially for Google News and other up-to-date contents any of the readers may want to read about.

RSS Icon

How to Subscribe to a Feed
To subscribe to a web feed, you can add the web address or feed address to your Feeds.

For example, click on the RSS Icon at the menu of my blog to go to my blog feed. Then, just click Subscribe to Feed or something of the sort located at the menu at the side.

For Internet Explorer or possibly other browsers, Feeds are located under Favorites.

My Feeds Only Update When I View Them!
If you haven't already set automatic update for your feeds, you can go to your settings or internet options to set your update schedule. Once set, the feeds will update even if you are not actively using a browser, bad for phones which need credit when downloading data.

For Internet Explorer users, go to Tools > Internet Options. Then click the Content tab and click Settings under Feeds and Web Slices. Check Automatically Update Feeds and Web Slices.

The advantages of web feeds are simple.
1. Users do not need to enter any information about themselves such as e-mail.
2. Users do not need to notify or request to unsubscribe or subscribe a feed.
3. Users can view more efficiently as it is well sorted and much simpler.

To receive frequent and quick updates from my blog, subscribe now as well. It is simple and easy to do!