Assumptions to Delusions

03 March 2010

Today, we will talk about the human nature of making assumptions, jumping to conclusions and ignorance due to personal experience-based opinion.

Many of you might not have realized, but in truth, ALL of us have made countless assumptions. The sad thing about is, we do not realize that we are just making assumptions and therefore neglected the POSSIBILITY of it being true or false.

Assumption = Hypothesis = Idea Based on Observation

The Human Nature of Assumptions
Let's say you had an experience in a very tough and stressful situation that you made it and managed well after like say...a month. Another friend comes to tell you later on about the same situation for only a week and they're suffering like it's hell and wanted to suicide.

By nature, you would assume that your friend is exaggerating, making excuses or just feeble-minded. This is because you've gone through the same thing and feel that it isn't as bad as it is.

After this assumption, you would say your friend is a wuss because he couldn't manage it on his own but you could. At this point, your assumption has become a delusion. You think you are already right and neglected all other possible factors.

An assumption or a guess is NOT a fact!

The Negligence of Factors
If you were not taught how to do a certain task, you cannot perform the task. At least not correctly. So why do we assume that simple tasks are common sense and can be done perfectly by everybody, whereas if someone was not taught or shown the way to do it, they will screw up?

After experience or influence, we always think that if we can do it, why can't others do the same? Here are the factors we should consider before saying that. Why are these factors? Because they cannot be controlled by the human mind.

1. Environment
Every situation has a different environment. We also grow up in different environments. In different environments we learn different things and act differently. Heck, we do everything differently in different environments.

2. Capability of Absorbing Knowledge
Everyone can be as smart as us. But not everyone receives the same amount of input or knowledge over time. Slow learners may need to work harder or dig deeper and require more time to be as smart as we could. Lazy people just need the right attitude and take initiative.

3. People
There are people everywhere. Different people tell different things and bring us into different situations. Your wife is not your friend's wife, and your mother is not your friend's mother. Situations regarding people are almost cannot be compared to personal experience.

4. Amount of Love
You can ditch your friends, your work, your lover or go against anything because it does not benefit you or it is insane/irrational to do something. However, another person might have love and passion for certain things. Logic cannot override love. It is the same as how the mind can be controlled, but the heart could not. Therefore, the heart is always true. Love is always true, no right or wrong, no logic.

5. Pain & Accidents
You can just trip, fall and twist your ankle at any moment. You can just have a gastric for eating the food you're not used to it. Some people require weeks to recover and some require days. Some don't even experience this problem. It's easy for you to go through situations without any sort of injury or sickness. What if you just spend your daily life with 2 weeks of a very annoying and painful gastric that wouldn't go away? It's hard to even move around.

There might be more factors when you come to think of it, but these are the few. Anger, in my opinion is controllable as it is manageable through your mindset. If you choose to be happy, you will be happy. Anger depends on how you approach things and how much you mind about it.

They're uncontrollable factors man. Think, think.

How often do we consider these 5 factors on behalf of others? Due to personal experience, we had always assume we've been through the hardest and others could do the same.

"Been there, done that."

So what? It does not prove that we are in the best position to brag or make things sound easy. We could only give our humble advice and opinion, hoping to help others who will go through the tough challenges.

Also, when your friend looks for you to tell you their problems and stories, just listen. You do not really need to give your opinion at all unless they ask for it. You'd be surprised how many people would actually just want you to listen and do not need your input! That's the main reason for the word, "TELL" anyway...not "DISCUSS".

We all made many of these mistakes every single day and we don't even realize it. So please realize it now, and try to reduce. I am also working on it. :(