How to Study Effectively?

01 April 2010

Memletics research on effective learning system.

Basically I went for General Studies in my college and I thought I would just highlight a few points on learning styles which may help weaker students in pursuing their studies.

Memletics Learning Styles
Different people have different learning styles. Some prefer to learn by watching or some may prefer reading. Determine what style works for you and try to use it all the time!

1. Visual.
By using pictures and visualizations, you would learn better. A picture tells you a thousand words. By seeing pictures, you could translate it in your mind into words and your understanding of it all.

2. Aural.
If you learn better by listening, then this is a good learning style. Some people can even concentrate better when they listen to music while studying.

3. Verbal.
This style is learning by using words and writing. You might be able to memorize and understand better if you had captured all the information and try to write it back out after some time. People who prefer this style would usually make more notes and drafts.

4. Physical.
By using your hands and body movement, you might be able to understand concepts better. Such as when doing experiments, it is important to do the whole thing yourself than to watch. It would help you understand better.

5. Logical.
While studying, you can use logic, common sense and general knowledge to reason out a concept of the subject you are learning. Using mathematics and systems would generally make you learn better.

6. Social.
If you prefer to learn with groups of people, then it is best to do group study or group research. By exchanging notes and explaining to each other, you might be able to understand more and not be shy to ask anything from your friend.

7. Solitary.
If you're uncomfortable with people, then working alone is a good solution. Finding books in the library and learn in a quiet environment will eventually make you absorb information faster as there are no other distractions.

What Style Suits Me?
If you do not know what style suits you, you could always try. You can also use different styles of learning for different subjects as you seem fit. If you feel uncomfortable learning in a specific style, try the others, you might like it.

Normally, people will start to lose concentration after 20 minutes of studying. Therefore, it's best to pick a style where you can absorb the most in the shortest amount of time. People who listen to music and study at the same time generally take a longer time to absorb, but can study for longer periods of time.

Experiment! Try it yourself! Visit this site for more information.