WNxH: Not Food

29 August 2010

It's Sunday and this week's comic strip is out.

Alright, I know some readers have trouble identifying Kit the Kit-kat Bar because he doesn't really look like one. Some even thought it is a Wii controller. So here goes.

WNx Homestay: Not Food


WNx Homestay BLEACH OPENING 12 [Pencil + Photoshop] HD

25 August 2010

My animation project is finally completed!

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

You can view in a larger resolution by going to this original link.

This is a video done by me, using pencil-drawn images to create an animation as close as Bleach's 12th Opening. As it is pencil-drawn, the sketchy-papery feeling is maintained and it will be black and white.

Inspired by Teh777's Maple Bleach [Opening 12] video. This short animation clip is done using my own pencil drawings/sketches and photoshopped images only. I don't have a tablet, so I drew on paper and scanned them in. It was really tedious that way, but oh well. The whole animation was done by myself with the help of the following items.

Canon Pixma MP150 (Scanner)

Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Flash CS5
SonyVegas (thanks to Teh777)

NagelSeries' Clouds Photoshop Brushes [Free]

Time Taken To Complete: 2 weeks+
Animation Speed: 12 FPS
Total Animation Frames: 1101
Actual Pencil Drawn Frames: 235

WNx Homestay is a comic created by me. All characters designed in the comic are based on real-life characters who played CabalSEA who are in the WarriorNation guild a couple of years back. Character designs may have similarity to other people's designs as they were all very simple shapes which can be learned almost anywhere. WNx stands for WarriorNation. Please go to this link for more information about the comic.


It is clearly stated that this animation clip is done based on Bleach's 12th Opening with WNx Homestay Comic characters. The comic strips can be seen/found at my blog here.


The following are the character replacements of the actual Bleach characters that appeared.

Ichigo - Rail the Book
Ulquiorra - Evo the Cheesy Meltz (idea from KFC)
Gin - Eggy the Egg
Lilynette - Ohmchii the Cat
Stark - Godfather the Male Fairy
Shunshui - Acelyn the Bat
Hitsugaya - Hoi Meng the Glasses Guy
Halibel - Wallyba the Owner Girl
Orihime - Mashi the Cute Girl
Yamamoto - Gardian the Garlie (idea from Cabal)
Hirako - Mori the Starfish
Aizen - Kit the Kit-Kat Bar (idea from Kit-Kat)
Barragan - Aaron the Grim Reaper
Hisagi - Hyonzan the Dog
Tousen - Rawrie the Toy Dinosaur
Unohana - Beanie the Bean
Isane - Aldane the Ladybug
Hell Butterflies - Faelry the Female Fairy
Ukitake - Gadarial the Butterfly
Yammy - JasonK the Flower
Mashiro - Toadler the Frog
Wonderweiss - Blackeagle the Black Eagle
Mayuri - Blitz the Blitzball (idea from FFX)
Kenpachi - Freakzero the Ice Cube
Byakuya - Lalaboy the Clam
Rukia - Vincy the Shoe
Renji - FMXC the Radio
Chad - Lulu the Orange
Hachigen - Snowie the Snowgirl
Hiyori - Naddie the Banana
Lisa - tr00wa the Mushroom
Rojuro - Ikezhou the Bag
Kensei - Arthuran the Teddy Bear
Love - Tasted the Chocolate Heart
Komamura - Lonegray the Wolf
Komamura's Bankai - Hurricanz the Hurricane
Ishida - Xiiao the Hamster
Soi Fon - Archerious the Archer Fish
Omaeda - Zingz the Zinger Burger (idea from KFC)

The following are the other entities appeared in the video which have reference to other games/sources.
Wallyba's Blade - Mithril Greatsword from Cabal
tr00wa's Right Weapon - Bluestin Orb from Cabal
Naddie's Sword - Osmium Daikatana from Cabal
Ikezhou's Blade - Shadowtitanium Blade from Cabal
Ikezhou's Other Weapon - Citrine Crystal from Cabal

Special thanks to Teh777 for using SonyVegas, which I don't have, to add final touches to the video. The song in this video is chAnge by Miwa.


Dangers of Fireworks

23 August 2010

Alright, saw a kid died on the news today due to fireworks.


If you feel it's uncomfortable or disgusting, disable the images or don't read this.

You may have known, firework accidents occur very more often in children under the age of 16. Today, I saw something on the newspaper about a 6 year old kid died as he got blasted 15 metres high (that's like about 4-5 storeys) and got entangled onto a tree. It seems that the fireworks stored in a building for the upcoming Hari Raya Puasa celebration went off in a big bang.

1. Static Electricity
This exists in almost everywhere and they CAN ignite fireworks. The static electricity in synthetic clothing (yes, your clothes) can create a spark which is capable of detonating fireworks.

An actual firecracker injury.

2. Damages the Ozone
Greenhouse gases released during fireworks combustion are harmful to the environment, contributes to global warming.

3. Discomfort to People with Asthma
They also release certain toxic dusts and metal residue that can travel in the air. People who have asthma are sensitive to these and will cause discomfort or even asthma attacks.

4. Noise
Fireworks make very loud noises, which can reach up to 140 decibels. Noise at 85 decibels can already damage hearing. Fireworks can also make people deaf.

5. Seizures
People with epilepsy can experience seizures due to this!

6. Water Pollution
When fireworks explode, the debris can fall into nearby rivers or water source. When aquatic lifeforms such as fishes ingest the debris (which is toxic), they'll die.

7. Cruelty to Animals
Most animals experience intense fear and stress until they would do extreme acts which can hurt themselves. There was a case where a bull was so scared that it tried to escape from its pen. It ended up dead being impaled by the fence.

Sparkler. Three of these can produce heat equivalent from a blowtorch.

Fireworks are beautiful, but leave it to the professionals for any fireworks display you want to do. Besides, fireworks are actually very harmful to the environment and brings too much negative effects. Why not find another alternative for it?


WNx Homestay Characters

22 August 2010

Alright, the characters of the comic.

I know some characters have been appearing in the comic lately, and some of you may not even know their names. You can give a visit here to see the list of characters.

The list is not complete yet, but it helps you to know which character is which. No comic strip for today as I'm working on some animation that'll be finished in a couple of days.


How to Lose Weight for Dogs?

20 August 2010

There are quite a number of dogs which are actually fat and overweight.

Just like humans, obesity can link to heart diseases and diabetes. For dog owners who just want to know effective ways to help dogs to start losing weight, this is how.

twolfe2's Beagle.

Things You Can Do
1. Buy Premium Dog Food Brands
Most cheaper brands of dog food contain many unnecessary calories that are just put into them as fillers. Try brands like Eukanuba as they even have food specially for weight loss. You can also consult a veterinarian for which type of brand to get.

2. Frequent Walks
You can walk your dog for 10 minutes a day. 3 days a week is good enough. It helps you lose weight too... :D

3. Fetch!
If you're lazy to do walks, you can play a game of fetch instead with your dog in a park or at home. Just be sure that your dog knows how to come back and give it back to you.

4. Feeding Times
When feeding, try giving 3-4 smaller meals instead of 1-2 big ones (most owners do that 'cuz its like lunch and dinner). This will actually help in your dog's metabolic rate.

5. Dog Treats
Certain dog treats and... human treats (some owners give bread, meat and the sort) may contain high amounts of calories. For better treats, you can try using carrots instead. Carrots are very healthy for dogs. Of course, you don't chuck the whole thing into its mouth...just give a small piece.

6. Wet Food
Just like when your dog has stomach problems, you can pour some warm water and let the dog food absorb them to become soft and bigger. This allows you to feed less, as it is actually more fulfilling and the dog will get full quickly.


That's about it! Make sure you let your dog exercise. 10 minutes walk a day for 3 days isn't that bad, and it will help a lot!


My Poster

19 August 2010

Heh, look what I found!

Last year, Suzan Khoo asked me to make a magazine cover for them to participate in the Star NiE thing. So I made this, which actually looks more like a poster!

Their magazine is titled "What The Heck?"

Since they have such a title, I decided WHAT THE HECK would have a big question mark. So I got the idea for the poster. Then I gave it to them and they add the titles, highlights and more to make their magazine cover.

They won Pizza Hut vouchers! So Suzan gave me one of these epic vouchers for a free regular pizza, awwww. But when my family and I went there, we got summoned 'cuz we can't get a parking and had to park somewhere by the road and that made us pay more than that! >:(


Honey Lemon Day!

16 August 2010

Ohh! Happy Honey Lemon Day to Nico!

Yeah, for those who don't know what Honey Lemon day is, you can click Profile at the top and view the About Me stuff. That day where I drank the Honey Lemon is called Honey Lemon day, and it marks every month since we started dating!

Toys I wanna buy for her.

See, this is probably the first time I'm blogging about a Honey Lemon day. But anyways, we are so distant from each other, we couldn't do much on HL day except for kissy-kiss and do stuff together through the phone and Internet. Let me answer some questions about our love for this HL day, which makes us been together for 2 years and 5 months.

My first gift to her.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is there Love, (Name) at the end of every, if not, almost all blog posts?
When we created this blog, we decided that we would make it a nice and sweet blog for everyone else to know about our love. It was intended to be blogged by both of us, but my girlfriend is too busy to manage the blog. Every time we post up something, we would end it in such a way so that everytime one of us visits the blog, it is like a letter/message meant for us to see, and that we loved each other as much as always.

2. What category does this blog belong to?
Originally it was intended for personal love stories, but I bet that would be a bit dull for fellow readers. So I used this blog for all sorts of categories, where anyone could find some useful/helpful posts about their lives, relationships and many others. Along with the Love Stories, this blog should be more interesting.

Her Grade 6 Ballet book. Honey Lemon!

3. How do you and your girlfriend meet?
We don't. So far, after 2 years and 5 months, we only met once. For that story, you could read this post.

4. How is it possible for someone to meet through games to be so in love?
Yeah, putting in a huge amount of trust to someone over the net is certainly very dangerous. When I fell in love with her, I had no idea what kind of person she could've been, or how many lies had she told me. But I trusted her, as if it's like destiny.

5. Phone bills?
Beyond your imagination.

Another Gist of Our Love
Alright, this is what I do with my girlfriend's pictures and stuff. I save all both of our pictures, recorded sound clips *shh!*, drawings and everything she sends to me in a folder and I named it "All About Me and My Baby."

By doing this, I get to view, share or do anything with them to recall and relive those sweet moments back then. Everything she sends me by mail are also kept in a container.

I keep simple pictures like this as well. Taken on my birthday, 2008.

If you actually save all this, and view it from time to time, you would know the value of love between you and your lover, and what you both had gone through. These presents and pictures make you recall many tiny little things that happened, and you can actually write out or tell your whole love story through that.

She took a picture of a huge ant!

If you haven't already keep and save every single little thing from your lover, do it now!


WNxH: Food Moustache

15 August 2010

This week's Homestay strip.

Alright, welcome back for another WNx Homestay comic strip for this Sunday!

WNx Homestay: Food Moustache

Doesn't it look like a moustache? It has always bothered me.


How to Watch TV Online in Malaysia?

12 August 2010

This is a short guide on how to watch your favourite Malaysian TV channels' programmes for free online, without the need of a TV of course.

Thanks to Yen Teng for this wonderful website which lets you catch your favourite episodes of TV programmes that were shown on Malaysia's free channels such as TV3, NTV7, 8TV and so on.

How to Watch?
. Go to http://www.tonton.com.my and click Register at the top and enter your details to create your account.

2. Click on Channels at the side and select your desired TV channel.

3. Click on any series or programme you would like to watch!

Enjoy! You don't have to catch your favourite series on TV anymore. You can even catch the news this way.


WNx Homestay's Plot

07 August 2010

What the hell was WNx Homestay about anyway?

Alright, I'm currently in my hometown, Ipoh, so I couldn't put up a comic strip for this Sunday. So...for those readers who had no idea about the whole WNx Homestay thing, here's something about it.

WNx Homestay is based on real-life characters. Each member of the WarriorNation guild (a guild in the game, Cabal) would have their own character with their own personalities. The characters in the comic are either humans, food, objects, animals, insects or even magical entities.

The comic revolves around Mashi, a 12-year-old orphan girl, adopted by Wallyba, a beautiful young lady who owns the Homestay. These two live along with another person called Hoi Meng who rents a place there. Mashi has the ability to communicate with the objects, animals and so on at home. She is able to hear out thoughts and rants of non-living entities which seem to have thoughts of their own. Due to her unique abilities, other entities outside try to get closer to her as well to communicate with her.

Basically, Mashi solves day-to-day problems that these entities face. Apart from Mashi's efforts of solving problems, the comic also tells about the day-to-day interactions among the entities.


[Notice] - New Labels

06 August 2010

Alright, some updates on my blog.

If you noticed, the Classifications widget at the side is no longer there and has been replaced by the Label Context. New labels will be put in as some of my blog posts do not have categories of their own, and shared labels that were irrelevant to the topic of the post.

Therefore, I expanded the labels to offer readers more categories to narrow down specific posts. This is still in progress as I have yet to decide certain things, so some of the labels will not show anything yet. Sorry for the inconvenience!

There might be more labels. Still under consideration. Thanks to all viewers who viewed this blog and hope the content here can help you in anything you do! This blog has already reached 6000 views!


Wake Up Call

04 August 2010

A day to talk about love, anyone?

Today, I was supposed to give a wake-up call to my girlfriend for her to go to school at 6 in the morning. I set the alarm on my phone, with my favourite Delicious Tomato Song, and did my work on the computer a bit before going to sleep.

When I woke up, it was 7.45am! ZOMGGGGGG~ the alarm did not go off!

So I rushed downstairs, took my dad's phone ('cuz I'm a pathetic guy that has no credit in mah phone) and called her. She did not pick up the phone, luckily, because it showed that she already went to school. As much as I felt relieved after that...I was still sleepy and went to my bed to continue my FASCINATING dreams and fantasies. It was just one day I missed giving her a wake up call so I guess it would be alright.

However, I could not sleep...nor could I relax! I was rolling around, with what you call a tightening of the chest that makes it hard to breathe and gives an uncomfortable feeling. My thoughts were (and now still) filled with everything related to my girlfriend. Signs of "I miss you" and "I need you" I guess.

See, I get used to talking to my girlfriend on the phone and sometimes call her up in the morning just to wake her up and listen to her sweet voice. When it becomes a habit, it's like nothing. Then I skipped one time without all that and realized how much I needed it...just like a drug, sufficient enough to hurt or make you cry if I couldn't get the drug.

Humans do not treasure what they always have. So make sure everything you do and time spent with your lover counts! Do not get distracted! Lol...what a blog post...one wake up call to tell a moral story.

WNxH: Befriend

01 August 2010

This week's comic strip is out!

Alright, the fight's never-ending if they do not declare peace. So Eggy decided to share places to stay instead of fighting for it! Oh, and since I saw the Bleach plagiarism fail in Evo's blog...I decided to make this one like that too, just for fun...only for this strip.

Behold, the new Nick Simmons, ME!! Nick Wongmons! For this strip at least.

WNx Homestay: Befriend

And this is the Bleach part I "plagiarized" for fun from...

Bleach 404 - Deicide 6, Page 10.