Dangers of Fireworks

23 August 2010

Alright, saw a kid died on the news today due to fireworks.


If you feel it's uncomfortable or disgusting, disable the images or don't read this.

You may have known, firework accidents occur very more often in children under the age of 16. Today, I saw something on the newspaper about a 6 year old kid died as he got blasted 15 metres high (that's like about 4-5 storeys) and got entangled onto a tree. It seems that the fireworks stored in a building for the upcoming Hari Raya Puasa celebration went off in a big bang.

1. Static Electricity
This exists in almost everywhere and they CAN ignite fireworks. The static electricity in synthetic clothing (yes, your clothes) can create a spark which is capable of detonating fireworks.

An actual firecracker injury.

2. Damages the Ozone
Greenhouse gases released during fireworks combustion are harmful to the environment, contributes to global warming.

3. Discomfort to People with Asthma
They also release certain toxic dusts and metal residue that can travel in the air. People who have asthma are sensitive to these and will cause discomfort or even asthma attacks.

4. Noise
Fireworks make very loud noises, which can reach up to 140 decibels. Noise at 85 decibels can already damage hearing. Fireworks can also make people deaf.

5. Seizures
People with epilepsy can experience seizures due to this!

6. Water Pollution
When fireworks explode, the debris can fall into nearby rivers or water source. When aquatic lifeforms such as fishes ingest the debris (which is toxic), they'll die.

7. Cruelty to Animals
Most animals experience intense fear and stress until they would do extreme acts which can hurt themselves. There was a case where a bull was so scared that it tried to escape from its pen. It ended up dead being impaled by the fence.

Sparkler. Three of these can produce heat equivalent from a blowtorch.

Fireworks are beautiful, but leave it to the professionals for any fireworks display you want to do. Besides, fireworks are actually very harmful to the environment and brings too much negative effects. Why not find another alternative for it?