How to Lose Weight for Dogs?

20 August 2010

There are quite a number of dogs which are actually fat and overweight.

Just like humans, obesity can link to heart diseases and diabetes. For dog owners who just want to know effective ways to help dogs to start losing weight, this is how.

twolfe2's Beagle.

Things You Can Do
1. Buy Premium Dog Food Brands
Most cheaper brands of dog food contain many unnecessary calories that are just put into them as fillers. Try brands like Eukanuba as they even have food specially for weight loss. You can also consult a veterinarian for which type of brand to get.

2. Frequent Walks
You can walk your dog for 10 minutes a day. 3 days a week is good enough. It helps you lose weight too... :D

3. Fetch!
If you're lazy to do walks, you can play a game of fetch instead with your dog in a park or at home. Just be sure that your dog knows how to come back and give it back to you.

4. Feeding Times
When feeding, try giving 3-4 smaller meals instead of 1-2 big ones (most owners do that 'cuz its like lunch and dinner). This will actually help in your dog's metabolic rate.

5. Dog Treats
Certain dog treats and... human treats (some owners give bread, meat and the sort) may contain high amounts of calories. For better treats, you can try using carrots instead. Carrots are very healthy for dogs. Of course, you don't chuck the whole thing into its mouth...just give a small piece.

6. Wet Food
Just like when your dog has stomach problems, you can pour some warm water and let the dog food absorb them to become soft and bigger. This allows you to feed less, as it is actually more fulfilling and the dog will get full quickly.


That's about it! Make sure you let your dog exercise. 10 minutes walk a day for 3 days isn't that bad, and it will help a lot!