My Poster

19 August 2010

Heh, look what I found!

Last year, Suzan Khoo asked me to make a magazine cover for them to participate in the Star NiE thing. So I made this, which actually looks more like a poster!

Their magazine is titled "What The Heck?"

Since they have such a title, I decided WHAT THE HECK would have a big question mark. So I got the idea for the poster. Then I gave it to them and they add the titles, highlights and more to make their magazine cover.

They won Pizza Hut vouchers! So Suzan gave me one of these epic vouchers for a free regular pizza, awwww. But when my family and I went there, we got summoned 'cuz we can't get a parking and had to park somewhere by the road and that made us pay more than that! >:(