Wake Up Call

04 August 2010

A day to talk about love, anyone?

Today, I was supposed to give a wake-up call to my girlfriend for her to go to school at 6 in the morning. I set the alarm on my phone, with my favourite Delicious Tomato Song, and did my work on the computer a bit before going to sleep.

When I woke up, it was 7.45am! ZOMGGGGGG~ the alarm did not go off!

So I rushed downstairs, took my dad's phone ('cuz I'm a pathetic guy that has no credit in mah phone) and called her. She did not pick up the phone, luckily, because it showed that she already went to school. As much as I felt relieved after that...I was still sleepy and went to my bed to continue my FASCINATING dreams and fantasies. It was just one day I missed giving her a wake up call so I guess it would be alright.

However, I could not sleep...nor could I relax! I was rolling around, with what you call a tightening of the chest that makes it hard to breathe and gives an uncomfortable feeling. My thoughts were (and now still) filled with everything related to my girlfriend. Signs of "I miss you" and "I need you" I guess.

See, I get used to talking to my girlfriend on the phone and sometimes call her up in the morning just to wake her up and listen to her sweet voice. When it becomes a habit, it's like nothing. Then I skipped one time without all that and realized how much I needed it...just like a drug, sufficient enough to hurt or make you cry if I couldn't get the drug.

Humans do not treasure what they always have. So make sure everything you do and time spent with your lover counts! Do not get distracted! Lol...what a blog post...one wake up call to tell a moral story.