Not in the Mood

07 September 2010

Sorry for not updating...just not in the mood.

My girlfriend has gone to Shanghai for some kinda exposition in an extremely huge museum that take weeks to discover everything in it. Her voice is my lullaby. No lullaby, no sleep. And so these few days I've been messing around with Sabayon and Ubuntu Linux, as well as my L4D Map project for Warcraft III which is still going on.

Although I must say that the L4D Map project is long and tedious which started last year, it is near completion and I plan to release it once it's done. Maybe in a few weeks or months time, you'll be able to download it on my blog.

Ever since my girlfriend went overseas, we couldn't talk to each other as it would be too expensive. Now, I'm waiting for her to come back, so I can finally hear her sweet voice that makes hell like heaven, chaos like bliss and noise like silence. A voice so irresistable, a drug so addictive. It is only a few more days till I can talk to her. But it seemed so long. Hope you'll be back safe and sound, baby.

Because of that, I am not in the mood to update my blog. I apologize for not posting up a WNx Homestay strip for last Sunday. But everything will resume as normal after this week. Thanks for supporting this blog!