WNxH: Movie Scam

31 October 2010

Comic strip is out!

This strip is about how Eggy's movie (which contained of only one swordfight scene) went...

WNx Homestay: Movie Scam


WNxH: Fund-Raising Movie

24 October 2010

Sunday's strip is out.

Yeah, I was late in posting this strip because I went for a dinner at my cousin's wedding. Anyways, here is the strip.

WNx Homestay: Fund-Raising Movie

Yup, it's coloured now because I have a tablet. I'll draw comics using tablet now, and it may be coloured or black-and-white depending on my mood / how I want it to be.


Endhiran - The Robot

23 October 2010

This is the first Tamil movie I've watched in the cinema...

AND HOLY MOTHERPUPPY THIS IS THE THING! My first Indian movie and it's like the most epic movie ever! You know, I never expected an Indian movie to be this...amazing. This movie is futuristic (even the songs are, damn!) and is a great science-fiction. I'll talk about this movie for a bit.


The story is basically kinda the same for other movies concerning robots, where a robot with programmed emotions start to act accordingly on its own. It's kinda like the real Kenji robot that is made to love. Kenji failed because it "loved" a woman so intense that he stopped her from going out of the room and hugged her tightly with his "100kg hydraulic arms".

Failed Kenji robot.

Dr. Vaseegaran (acted by Rajni) built this robot and named it Chitti (also by Rajni). Chitti had no emotions at first, so when he saves people, he was not able to act according to humans' emotional preference. Something happened that caused a death of a girl, and Dr. Vaseegaran did not give up. So, he programmed Chitti to have emotions, in which then backfired...because Chitti began to fall in love with the Dr's girlfriend, Sana (acted by Aishwarya Rai). So...yeah, the horror begins.

Rajni in the desert.

What I Think About It
Well, this movie has everything. It has comedy, drama, action, musicals and everything! At first, the story was kinda cool and epic...and it gets better and better with some music & dance here and there. When reaching the end, I didn't really like the parts after Chitti became destructive because it was kinda fake, like the part where the army fired at Chitti in a car chase (with lots of cars on the highway) even though a hostage (Sana) was with him in the car. The robot formations are also illogical, from a small sphere with a number of robots, they could suddenly become a long cobra that requires many more robots. But! However fake and annoying it may be, it's so funny and creative that it becomes a good thing!

Futuristic theme, clothing and stuff which is pretty amazing.

The special effects are good, and I can say it's not bad at all. Although its not the most realistic, but it's awesome (they're all made by Chinese / Korean people anyway)...

The music is pretty good too. I've never expected techno-ish music in the movie...and it's very well done. Even the more traditional kinda songs are really um, how should I put it, EPIC.

My favourite songs in the movie are Kilimanjaro and Irumbile Oru Idhayam.

Overall, good movie! It's so epic and funny that you won't wanna miss any scene in the movie. It was really worth my money. I am Chinese, and I had no idea Indian movies could be so epic. It is comparable to the epic American-made movies we've seen.

Yeah, I don't wanna reveal too much... :D it's so epic, so go see for yourself.


Dark Times

22 October 2010

Another poem that nobody cares about... =D

We face some dark times,
Where white clouds produce rain,
Loudly ringing windchimes,
As a result of something vain.

Dewdrops form on hands,
Because the rain doesn't hold back,
Even after making amends,
There's still something we lack.

Whether the Collie herds the cattle or not,
Dark times come without reason,
Is it too cold or too hot?
We never know; we never learn.

Is setting doves free,
Giving freedom or giving up?
We determine the validity,
Reject or receive the cup.

I know this poem is deep and stuff like that, but it's up to you how you wanna interpret it. I'll just put the meanings down here...

We face problems,
Where our eyes produce tears,
Arguing and crying,
Due to something pointless that doesn't go our way.

There are tears on our hands,
Because we can't hold our tears back,
Even after fixing the problem,
We still do not get what we want.

Whether you have control or not,
Problems come without reason,
Problems always change,
We never know how it will be. We never learn.

Is giving up control,
Good or bad?
We determine its logic,
Reject or accept the truth/word/advice/offer.


My Random Touhou Dream

19 October 2010

Today, I fell asleep for quite some time and dreamt about dumb stuff...

Recently, I am addicted to Touhou games. Not just games, but everything about Touhou. The music, remixes, comics, artwork, story, characters, everything!

So I had this weird dream where the whole world started to know what's Touhou. I mean...it's on TV, it's on newspapers and it's everywhere. Shows and concerts start to sing Touhou songs. I was watching TV with my family at one part in my dream, where my dad asked what song was the person singing on TV? So... *ahem* with my Touhou addiction abilities, I named out the song, "Lunatic Princess" which is Kaguya's theme from the 8th Touhou Game, IMPERISHABLE NIGHT!

That's me, and yeah, I drew this in MS Paint with a mouse.

Yeah, I said it out with coolness. Then there are other songs on TV (vocalized) such as Reisen's theme and stuff like that. Touhou is everywhere at that time...I swear.

Kaguya at the back sending Reisen to fight Mokou in Chapter 11 of "Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth". She sent out 5 assassins, all 5 were Reisen and Reisen was defeated 5 times.

Then we went to this pet shop where they sell fishes. And inside that shop, there were small aquariums with sea centipedes inside. The sea centipedes in my dreams are really cool...they have exotic colours. I remember one with aqua blue colour on its back and a little pinkish colour near the feelers. Its legs are spread out in the water. So I went to search for "sea centipede" online, and ZOMFG IZ SO SCARY AND UGLY ITS SO DIFFERENT FROM THE ONE IN MY DREAMS! Alright, maybe not so ugly, but it's different.

Centipede that lives in the sea, Paridotea Collingei.

However, I managed to find a blue bee instead. It's a carpenter bee, the picture is taken in Malaysia. They call it, "Xylocopa caerulea" and it's quite beautiful despite the fact that I hate insects.

Blue Carpenter Bee.

And in that pet shop, there was a TV. And someone was singing some Touhou song in it. Dreams can be really gay sometimes, but that's how it went for my dream earlier today. After that, I went to a place that looked like the Scarlet Devil's Mansion (Koumakan? Kewl!) but...yeah, the Touhou characters weren't there but somehow, my cousins were there! My japanese cousins, and from that moment onwards, I could suddenly speak japanese without even knowing what I was saying.

Scarlet Devil Mansion, illustration from Perfect Momento in Strict Sense.

Then there was this maid (Sakuya?!) which was middle-aged and slightly plump. She started becoming annoying by telling me the rules in the mansion, but she was nice.

Sakuya? Chief maid of Scarlet Devil's Mansion.

Sigh, I'm so into Touhou these days. I should get a Touhou action figure or something so I can stare at it all-day long! :D

Marisa Kirisame, one of the main characters in like...all Touhou games.


WNxH: Freakish Anger

17 October 2010

Today's strip is out!

Freakzero gets angry over Lulu for a while. He doesn't get angry for long though... >_<

WNx Homestay: Freakish Anger


Black, Brown and White.

15 October 2010

Black, Brown and White.

How does it feel out there?
When the night is freezing cold,
With loneliness and despair,
Watching life's story unfold.

Everyday aimlessly,
Finding the warmest spot,
It is terribly,
The only goal you've got.

Repeated after roosters crow,
Trapped in your prison,
Looking forward to show,
Life's fabricated reason.

Although sadness in routine,
You still love me,
The misery you've ever seen,
Cursed with loyalty.


How to Multiboot Linux?

13 October 2010

Here's a short guide on how to boot multiple Linux distributions in one computer.

Multibooting isn't that hard actually. All you need to do is to prepare partitions for your linux distro to install itself in. Doing so gives you freedom to set up how your linux partitions are set up, such as to have all distros share ONE swap partition and so on.

However, if you actually don't know how to set up, or faced problems while partitioning, you can actually let your distro use the current available free space. This will guarantee the installation, since the distro gets to use its own method to install.

How to Do It?
1. Set up another primary partition.
If you don't know, you can only have a MAXIMUM of FOUR primary partitions. So we'll create one primary/extended partitions to store all Linux in it which they will become logical partitions inside this primary one. Make sure you set a good size to fit all your distros that you are going to install.

If you're using Windows to do it, simply use Disk Management and create a New Primary Partition. It will be in NTFS format, but it's okay for now. You should use a Linux partitioner from there onwards since we don't want it to be NTFS.

Windows Disk Management. Notice E: and F:, they're Primary Partitions. You can add in more using a Linux Partitioner like GParted later.

If you're using a partitioner in Linux such as GParted, it's the same, just create an extended partition and you can create partitions within there (it will be like a drop-down menu) after that.

/dev/hda3 is the Primary/Extended partition here, with more partitions inside it.

2. Create partitions.
Now, create partitions under that extended partition. It's simple, just make sure you make it into the ext3 or ext4 format. Ext4 is mostly used nowadays, so just use ext4. For the swap partition, use the swap format.

Do remember, Linux only needs two partitions to install. One is the root partition and one is the swap partition. If you want to share swap partitions, just create ONE. Upon installing your Linux distro, you can choose the partitions you want to install in.

If you're afraid that you'll fail, you can always use the free space method. After creating your extended partition, just create one empty partition inside it and make sure its size doesn't use all the space inside that extended partition. Leave some free space inside the extended partition for your Linux distro to install in. That free space will be used when you install your Linux using the "USE FREE SPACE" option.

Do the same for the other distros by reducing the size of the empty partition so that there is free space again. Repeat!

3. Installation
Once you have installed your first distro, do not let other distros install their bootloader as it will cause problems. Let's say you installed Ubuntu first. Then, you want to install Sabayon, Red Hat or any other distro. Do not let the others install their bootloader or GRUB (you have to find an option when installing to make sure it doesn't install it).

Untick the Install Bootloader checkbox!

Once you installed all your distros without overwriting the first GRUB you installed, you should be fine. The GRUB will detect all the new distros you've put in without any issues. If it doesn't, update GRUB and it will be fine.


Handmade Jewellery

12 October 2010

Boom! An advertisement on my blog perhaps?

Alright, I'll be introducing MNE Craft which produces handmade jewellery that are quite pretty. Most importantly, my godsister is selling these and I think they're pretty good. They sell Anklets, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings as well as Necklaces!

Here are some of the recent products...

Please support! These stuff ain't that expensive and if you need to get it for your girlfriends, it's pretty cool. Once it's sold, it's sold because they're handmade. So if you see something you like, get it quick!

Visit their sites for more information on payment and so on.

Alternatively, you can contact my godsister, Evon directly. She is a nice person. :D



11 October 2010

Sorry for publishing the comic strip late again. This is for last Sunday.

I apologize for always publishing the comic strip late. I have a lot of work in college recently, so it really takes away my time.

This is about Freakzero trying to get revenge on Lulu who fired a laser on him last time.

WNx Homestay: FFUU


New Addiction - PoFV

05 October 2010

Alright, recently I've played this game from the Touhou Project and it is really addictive IMO.

This game has been around since 2005, but yeah, it's still pretty awesome.

What is Touhou Project?
It is a series of games created by only one guy called ZUN from Team Shanghai Alice (which the team consists of only him) and most of the games are of the vertical shooter or "bullet hell shooter" genre.

Today, I'll be talking about the 9th Touhou Project, Phantasmagoria of Flower View or PoFV, because it is competitive and has multiplayer.

(You can download Touhou games here!)

Main Menu

Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Basically in the story, something happens in every 60 years, and this time, there seems to be a lot of flowers blooming! So it's called Phantasmagoria of Flower View and you get to use a bunch of characters to go through the story.

PoFV's gameplay is a little different. It has 2 side-by-side screens in which you play normally by shooting stuff that comes to you and prevent yourself from dying. The person who dies first will lose. In the process, you can destroy special stuff to create attacks for your opponents and even cast spells to send bullets to your opponents. So it's basically sort of a versus-like game.

The HUD and what it means. Number 9 is Cirno, Ice Fairy...the japanese letters read, "Baka"

So that's basically the general layout of the game. Two screens and a bunch of HUD. The game has Story Mode, which allows you to select characters to go through a story. It also has Match Mode which allows you to fight with other players, AI or even network play. Lastly, it has Extra Mode for players who want to try very challenging levels.

Opponent, Reisen casting a Level 4 spell on me, Tewi.

Spells can be casted by holding down the Shoot (Z) button until it charges up. How much you can charge depends on how much you have in the spell bar at the bottom. A Level 1 Spell will release normal attacks and doesn't deplete. Level 2 / 3 Spells clear up some bullets in your screen and creates specific attacks on your opponent's. Lastly, a Level 4 Spell (Boss Spell) will summon a copy of your character to release a huge and deadly series of bullets in unpredictable ways.

The laser beam on the left side is one of the attacks my opponent, Marisa sent to me, Reimu. The right side has my character in it spamming bullets because I casted a Boss Spell (Level 4 Spell)

Destroying certain entities in your screen also sends attacks to your opponent. So, this game is all about dodging hundreds and thousands of bullets while trying to create hundreds and thousands of bullets for your opponent to dodge till he/she dies. It is quite competitive and fun especially when you get to cast spells and screw up your opponents. It is also quite challenging.

Dodge this...

Yes, I wasn't joking about the "hundreds and thousands of bullets" part. This is one game where Easy Mode can kick your ass. It provides fast action and really helps on your hand-eye coordination too. Simple to play, yet very challenging and fun. I recommend it! It's addictive too...try playing it with your friends!

How To Play?
Detailed information on Controls are already stated somewhere, so there's no point stating it here again. I'll just give you links to see them.


Just some videos to show you how it is like. You'll feel the adrenaline rush...first one's a 2-Player just-for-fun game and the second one's some serious netplay.


WNxH: Awesomeness

03 October 2010

Again, it's Sunday! WNx Homestay strip is out.

Lulu's out with his awesomeness again. Enjoy.

WNx Homestay: Awesomeness


L4D: High Point - Video Preview

02 October 2010

Just uploaded a video on my map to look at the gameplay and its features.

This is a gameplay preview video on my map, Left 4 Dead: High Point. Take a look at it and feel the fun of playing the map! You can get this map in the Downloads section of my blog. Enjoy!


WNxH: Imma Firin' Mah Lazer

01 October 2010

This comic strip is for last Sunday's. I didn't publish a strip last Sunday.

Alright, this strip is inspired by Evo. He googled "imma chargin" and Google suggested "imma chargin malaysia." Malaysia sounds pretty much like MAH LAZER so he suggested this idea for this strip! Enjoy.

WNx Homestay: Imma Firin' Mah Lazer