Dark Times

22 October 2010

Another poem that nobody cares about... =D

We face some dark times,
Where white clouds produce rain,
Loudly ringing windchimes,
As a result of something vain.

Dewdrops form on hands,
Because the rain doesn't hold back,
Even after making amends,
There's still something we lack.

Whether the Collie herds the cattle or not,
Dark times come without reason,
Is it too cold or too hot?
We never know; we never learn.

Is setting doves free,
Giving freedom or giving up?
We determine the validity,
Reject or receive the cup.

I know this poem is deep and stuff like that, but it's up to you how you wanna interpret it. I'll just put the meanings down here...

We face problems,
Where our eyes produce tears,
Arguing and crying,
Due to something pointless that doesn't go our way.

There are tears on our hands,
Because we can't hold our tears back,
Even after fixing the problem,
We still do not get what we want.

Whether you have control or not,
Problems come without reason,
Problems always change,
We never know how it will be. We never learn.

Is giving up control,
Good or bad?
We determine its logic,
Reject or accept the truth/word/advice/offer.