Aminulrasyid Amzah's Shooting Case

27 November 2010

Justice for Aminurlrasyid Amzah.

There has been a recent case that happened on April 2010 in Selangor, Malaysia that attracted many people's attention. I've been to many websites and blogs and I keep seeing people saying that the police were just doing their job and were not wrong. Please let me explain why I feel that these idiots don't know what they're talking about.

For those of you who don't know this case, let me tell you about it. I will first tell you about the statements from the police and witnesses, and then my rants.

15-year-old shot dead (26 April 2010) in a car chase by the police.

Police's Statement
2 policemen detected a Proton Iswara at Section 14, Shah Alam in a suspicious manner.

Police gave signal for the car to stop but was ignored and the driver sped off.

This caused the 2 policemen to start a chase with the aid of another 2 policemen with another patrol car.

Police had successfully stopped the car after the drive run against several traffic lights.

The police opened fire after Aminulrasyid attempted to reverse the car into them in Section 11 which caused them to shoot in self-defence.

They also claimed that a parang was found in the car.

Witness: Azamudin Omar's Statement

Azamudin Omar and the deceased intended to go Ali Corner at Section 7 to give a hand to a friend whose motorcycle tyre was punctured.

On the way, the car drove by the deceased was involved in slight accident with a car parked along the road.

They fled the scene of the accident and were in panic state.

About 5 motorcyclists apparently the friends of the car owner (the one in the slight accident) chased the deceased's car.

The deceased intended to go back to his home at Section 11.

At Kayangan Roundabout Section 12, a motorcyclist hit the car from the back and fell down and the motorcyclists stopped chasing them.

They overtook a police car at Section 14 and they were chased till Caltex petrol Station at Section 11.

The shooting began when they entered into Jalan Tarian junction.

The deceased was shot in the head and fell to his lap upon dying, but the car was still moving because the decease still had his foot on the pedal.

The car rammed into a wall and stopped.

Azamudin Omar crawled out from the car and fell into a drain. He tried to surrender himself, but was immediately kicked by a police offier at the back of his head. He was beaten up further by several other policemen.

He managed to escape and ran through the school (SMK Seksyen 11) and immediately went home.

They did not bring/have a parang in the car.

Witness: Zafrullah Ahmad Zainal Abidin's Statement

He heard gunshots, sirens and the crashing of the deceased's car outside his house (the car crashed near his home).

He rushed out to see what happened and saw the crashed car at the wall in front of his house.

The front wheels of the car were in the drain which makes reversing impossible.

He saw one of the perpetrators (first witness, Azamudin Omar) who was running from the police and successfully escaped in doing so.

There was no occassion where the police found or took out any weapon or parang from the car after searching the car.

There were other people who came to the scene to see what happened as well.

The 2nd witness proved 3 points testified by the 1st witness which are:
a) There was no reversing of the car or attempt to fight back.
b) Azamudin Omar successfully escaped from the police.
c) There was no weapon/parang found in the car.
Consistent enough to prove that the 1st witness was telling the truth. The parang the police claimed to have found also did not contain any DNA or fingerprints and was deemed useless/not an evidence.

Chronology of the Incident

Cause of Death
Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah senior forensic consultant, Dr. Khairul Azman Ibrahim testified at the Sessions Court that, the 15-year-old died within seconds of the bullet penetrating his skull. Other abrasions found on his body could due to "impact of blunt objects and friction."

Dr Khairul said it penetrated the skull from the back of the head and hit the brain stem which caused massive bleeding. With no other abnormalities in organs or any sort of forensic evidence, the kid most likely died due to a SINGLE GUNSHOT TO THE HEAD.

Based on this article.

Court & Trial
The trial is still going on and the police were not charged yet. The recent trial is on Corporal Jenain Subi, 48 under Section 304(a) of the Penal Code for culpable homicide not amounting to murder. It carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison and a fine.

My Opinions

Look at the post posted by the Anonymous. I would like to point out a few things...

Firstly, the deceased's car overtook the police car and did not stop when asked to. The car was only speeding. The police can only open fire for self-defence or when other's lives are threatened. The deceased did not have a weapon and did not attempt to fight back. RUNNING AWAY is not FIGHTING BACK! At best, the police can only fire ONLY to stop the car, in which is to fire at the tires or set up road block/spike-traps. What? The Malaysian police doesn't know how to set up road blocks and traps?

Now look, the kid's got a bullet to the head. Even if the police fired in short controlled bursts, so what? The police aimed for DRIVER, not the car. The police may have had the intention to only stop the car, but soon it became the intention to kill.

Now another thing, about the "what-if-there-was-a-suicide-bomber-in-the-car?"...

The police cannot fire at someone based on "SUSPICION" only. Running away from the police when being called upon is against the law, but the police cannot fire at the person if the person does not fight back like I said earlier. Furthermore, it is the middle of the night. It's impossible for the police to make correct speculations that the driver is up to something bad just because he's speeding. There is also a possibility that the driver is drunk, so you begin to fire at him?

Additional Note: If you think it's correct to gun down drunk drivers because you think they deserve to die, you're wrong. Nobody cares the moral values you believe in. This is the law.

Just because there is a possibility of a suicide bomber does not give the rights to the police to open fire. If so, I could suspect everyone and open fire at anyone I like. Do you guys even know the law? The sole fact that they fired at the car is already wrong. You cannot shoot someone just because you're not sure what they're up to.

This is another article which is about a psychologist saying that the deceased is to be blamed. I can't express how stupid this is. I'll comment based on the quotes there.

"And police on this shift are usually armed with automatic firearms because they don't know what they will be up against. The usual procedure is to pull a suspicious car over and shine a torchlight inside, but they didn't have a chance to do that in this case. So, they opened fire," said Dr. Teoh the psychologist.

YOU CANT OPEN FIRE JUST BECUZ SOMEONE'S SUSPICIOUS DAMNIT, KNOW THE LAW! It's what Malaysian cops do, they have no balls. When they suspect someone, they open fire first. If they're correct, they get all the credit. If the person is innocent, they make up some story.

"An automatic weapon sprays bullets. It is likely that a stray one hit the boy. I have handled firearms before and I can tell you an object moving quickly in the dark is almost impossible to shoot at."

What? You think the police never handled a firearm before? The police have professional training of firearms and were taught to shoot in controlled bursts like what Anonymous said. If they could let a stray bullet hit the boy, it is also their fault and can be charged for man-slaughter.

Due to professional training, there is no room for error. If the police's actions have a slight possibility of killing someone that is not armed or does not attempt to fight the police (can be anyone, even robbers and gangsters), the police CANNOT open fire or he will be charged in court.

“People are overlooking a most important issue, which is that a minor was behind the wheel. As far as the law is concerned, he was in the wrong.”

Here, this is the stupidest part. The most important issue was the child behind the wheel? Are you dumb? The child was wrong, DUH. That does not give the right to the police to open fire, I repeat again. "Do not fire unless fired upon," this is what the police have learned in training school. The most important issue is the police had killed the child.

The police fabricated evidence (parang in car) and misled the public by giving false information about the case. Aminulrasyid did not have a weapon and did not attempt to fight the police. He only tried to escape because he was in a panic state. The police had no reason to fire at him. Suspicion is not a valid or legal reason to open fire leading to the child's death.

With all that evidence, the police should be charged with MURDER instead. The kid died with a single bullet to the head and dozens of bullet holes in his car. The police saw a speeding car, chased after it and gunned it down with the intention to kill.

JUSTICE FOR AMINULRASYID AMZAH. Please don't say the police aren't wrong! Don't be stupid! Even the police knew they could be charged, that's why they tried to cover up the case by fabricating stuff! Gather publicity so that the police can't cover up their wrongdoings!