Nokia Big Prizes (Campaign)

25 November 2010

Starting from today, every Thursday is campaign day!

Yup, on every Thursday, I will post up about a campaign that will most probably benefit you or the society. It may also contain useful stuff to see, and sometimes it's just plain funny. Some campaigns are for Malaysians only and some is for everyone. Don't worry, I'll specify things clearly for ya'll.

Applied Region: Malaysia Only
Campaign Type: Promotion / Rewards

Today's campaign is for Nokia. They are offering prizes such as

50" 3D Plasma TV, diamond watches, holiday trips to Australia and Bali, scooter, notebook PC and many more!

Visit their website below for more information. Check out their new featured devices as well.

Recently, Nokia has released phones like X5 which is about RM650. For it's specs such as 5MP Camera, QWERTY keypad and many others, it is really a value buy. Compared to my Sony W580 which has only 2MP Camera and lower specs than the X5, mine is about RM800. I just got owned? Anyway, worth checking out the Nokia site even if you ain't from Malaysia, now they're selling phones cheap, and they're even offering prizes!

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