Gaming PRO-ness!

20 February 2010

How to be a PRO in games? Here's my high-self-esteem-nothing-better-to-do-show-off-boasting-shit-hell-of-a-lifetime-act-of-idiocy to show my own PRO-ness.

Early Notes
1. Yes, I know professional means to make money out of it, but we'll use it like how it's commonly used among gamers, which will mean "skilled".

2. Yes, I admit I am not the best gamer, and I may be poor in gaming. It depends on other players whether they're more skilled than me or not.

3. Yes, I do not gamble in gaming, participate competitions, able to own better players, and accept challenges. It does not mean anything as well.

4. Yes, I do not mean to hurt anyone's feelings and this is solely for educational and comedical purposes only. Most of these are actually common sense and smart thinking but this is to educate those who didn't thought of doing it.

We're going to use Left 4 Dead 2 as the topic, and I will be the PRO for now.

Today, I went to a cyber cafe. I saw a bunch of players playing this game so I decided to join. Then it turned out they have the same attitude as most Ipoh Defense of the Ancients (DotA) players who have very bad sportsmanship! SHAME ON Y'ALL!!

We PRO gamers always keep our sportsmanship at all times, and will never call anyone else a noob just for fun as well as trying to provoke a fight. DotA sucks. Period. It changes you. It changed my brother into a person who voices out vulgarities because he got killed!

RailKill's Gaming PRO-ness Comparisons
I will show the comparisons between RailKill (apparently the PRO) and the following gamers I played with earlier today.

Low / Average Sportsmanship Players
2. CAT
3. Mouse

Other players didn't have much problems but they did shout. Might due to frustration of losing, so they're not included. Now, on to the situations!

Situation of PRO-ness! #1 - Teamwork Devastation!
RailKill sees a friendly Smoker pulls a Survivor. RailKill appears as a Hunter and is ready to spawn. What did he do next?

Always backup teammates without them asking for your help.

Situation of PRO-ness #2 - X-Ray Rescue!
RailKill sees Rochelle gets pulled by a Smoker. But RailKill and all of his teammates fell down a hole and couldn't get back up! What did he do next?

Never think that it's impossible to save your teammate. Try shooting through objects and floors, you might get a few shots enough to kill the enemy. Do not leave your teammate alone!

Situation of PRO-ness #3 - Studying Traits!
RailKill keeps spectating after death and looks at the enemy Survivors' tendancy to perform certain actions or not. What did he do next?

By knowing who likes to rush and kill you, you can jump around and gain his attention, then run to a corner to hide with all your zombie teammates waiting for an ambush. By the time the Survivor rushes to come for you, he should be alone as his teammates won't do the same. Either that or just one teammate follows him and both of them get ambushed helplessly as your entire team was waiting.

Situation of PRO-ness #4 - Brave Rescue / Being There!
RailKill sees a incapicitated Survivor or a lone Survivor. Sometimes he also sees a puked Survivor standing in a vulnerable area! What did he do next?

When a Survivor is being puked on, all zombies will only target him. Go in front and block the zombies and start killing. If you see any Survivor in trouble, rush to them and immediately fend off all enemies. Protect him and take all the damage if you could.

Situation of PRO-ness #5 - Watch Yer' Six!
RailKill is mostly at the front or back of the team. Sometimes he leads and might need to move quickly as well. However, some teammates may be moving slowly or are in a dangerous position. What did he do next?

Made a mistake on this image. It's supposed to be "FREQUENTLY", not "occasionally".

Most players rush without looking back because they want to be quick and leave no chance to be set up by the enemy. However, they forget their teammates behind and by the time they realise their teammate is in danger, it might be already too late or a large amount of damage is done. Check frequently so that you could save your teammate immediately.

Sitaution of PRO-ness #6 - Opportunity Waiting!
RailKill sees the enemy Survivors a grouped together and are very good and alert at their defense. They have everywhere covered and his team's attack positions are not good. Suddenly RailKill gets a tank. Enemies had molotov. What did he do next?

My teammates were shouting on the other side of the cyber cafe asking me to give tank to AI. I did not want as I knew the tank would be dead in seconds. So I did a bunch of rock throws to scare off the enemies. One Survivor came to shoot me from a higher ground thinking I couldn't hit him. I jumped and smashed him and...laughed. It bought me lots of time. As my teammates had enough time to spawn and take action, I then joined in and took on all of them. WINNER!

These are the few easy strategies and mindset that any player could have. These are all done without a single communication from my teammates. There is no need for your teammates to call for you, or ask you to coordinate with them at common situations. You will automatically do it.

Other Funny Situations
1. Let's boast and see...

CAT: rail kill go can you leave?
RailKill: but I very pro wan wor
CAT: i am most pro here
CAT: no one dare say pro in front of me

*moments later*
*Situation of PRO-ness! #2 Happened*

RailKill: told u i very pro
CAT: stop saying anything
CAT: fuck u
CAT: we all fight you wan?
CAT: you solo
CAT: rain
RailKill: no la
Mouse: rain noob la
CAT: why?
RailKill: teamwork game ma

This is a dumb question. Want me to take on all of them? This is a teamwork game and it's played 4vs4 on Versus mode. The Special Infected functions are designed to be able to kill a Survivor if he is alone. Also, my name is Rail. Damn you blind players...

CAT's team lost every single round. Even at times we had one less player. So, "no one dare say pro in front of me"? Heh... =D *owned*

2. You were saying...?

*RailKill gets a Charger*
*The rest of his team spawned, attacked and failed*

FIsh: fuck u charger see me spawn nvr do anything

*RailKill hits a lone survivor and deals lots of damage to him*
I'm owning now. You were saying? :D

RailKill: fuck wat...looking for prey ma
FIsh: = =

All of my teammates attacked at the wrong position which was in a very visible hallway. I went outside to the open area. I already knew that maybe one of them would rush first. They would be scattering to gather items and weapons.

Knowing so, I saw a lone survivor separated from his team. I charged him dragging him further and incapped him. My teammates? All died...with little to no damage done to the enemy team.

That is all I educate today on the gaming world. Always remember, a gamer must maintain sportsmanship at all time! Do not shout and scream at teammates who are less skillful than you! Everyone is learning and playing a game for fun.

The main ideology of gaming is fun.