[Notice] - Blog Inactivity II

21 February 2010

Blog will be quite inactive starting from now.

As I argued with Nico once again, it's about my interest for my blog. When I started my blog, I wanted it to be updated frequently and people would visit to read what I write.

However, a situation happened, where Nico called me. So I answered, and told her to give me 10 minutes to finish my Gaming PRO-ness! blog post, then call back. She thinks that I treat my blog more important than her. After that she doesn't give a shit about me. She had lost hope, faith and love for me. And it hurts me very badly.

Some of you might think that I'm wrong for needing time to finish my computer stuff before I go talk to her because you must stop doing everything and talk right away for your lover.

Some of you might think that she's wrong because she could just give me a little extra time to finish my computer stuff so that I could talk to her without any distractions.

It doesn't matter. I will keep my promises and dedicate even more to our love. And no matter what happens I'll still love her. Even though our relationship might die later on, I will still love her.

I will only update the blog when I have free time and when I feel like it.