How to Get Attention?

26 June 2010

Desperate? Pfft.

Here are a few general steps to get the attention of anyone...I guess. If these methods don't seem to work or sound stupid, don't try it then!

1. By Sound
One of the ways to get attention is by a loud noise or sound that will force everyone else to stop what they're doing and focus their attention on you. If you make them feel interested, they will then continue to give more attention to you. Kids love to use this against parents, they shout, scream, weep and cry.

2. Eye Contack
Eye Contact + Attack = Eye Contack
Just maintain a short moment of eye contact to the person you want and the person is bound to focus on you. The power of eye contacks are that you engrave a meaning in the way you look, so you make the other person think. You can make people shut up and think of you when you do this good enough.

3. Confident Feel
Walk with your disco shoes with the song Stayin' Alive on your Walkman. People will look at you! Nah...this is basically to show confidence, maybe in the way you walk, talk or feel. People tend to have more attention towards charismatic and confident people. Make sure you talk, and say something charming that people will like. It makes you stand out.

4. Smile / Be Cute!
Obvious. Yes, people like it.

5. Amazement
Do something amazing, or at least "unintentionally" let them know. If you can draw, you can dance, let people know. People like to see talent and something different, so if you can do something, at least talk about it! People will then seek you if they need to know more about what you do.

6. Be Relaxing
You can crack some nice jokes, and be humorous to others. When people feel relaxed with you, they generally like you more. Comedians get a lot of attention from crowds.