How to Play CODMW2 Multiplayer Online?

16 June 2010

Garena doesn't work. How?

Been trying too hard for so long just to get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to go online on multiplayer but couldn't? Well there's one way that Unnamezz showed and he got it working successfully. Here's the steps on how he did it. Also, thanks to Leon who pointed out the post by Unnamezz.

1. Go to this link.

2. Then, download 'FreshInstall' if you have downloaded MW2 from Internet.

3. Else, if you downloaded MW2 from Steam / Original Copy, download 'Update'.

4. After your download is complete, extract all the files into your MW2 folder.

5. Replace and overwrite all.

6. Then, run alterIWnet_configure.exe and type your IGN.

7. Click on the MW2 Multiplayer icon and click Play, then click on Find Game.

8. Choose the gamemode you want to play and wait.

9. You may need to wait for quite some time, do not rush.

10. Just wait...

11. Be patience, the games will appear... continue waiting.

12. Wait just a little while more.

13. Volia! Games appear and you can play MW2 Multiplayer online. Enjoy!!

Please use this guide at your own risk, nobody is responsible for what you're doing to your MW2 if you tried it and it does not work. This guide is only for the desparate and people who bought the game but could not find any other ways of playing their game online.