[Update] - Life in College

10 June 2010

Okay! 2 months hiatus was quite some time. Back to blogging.

Alright, so I had been going to INTI Subang Jaya College as I previously said. So here are some photos for you all to enjoy, as a little enlightment for my return to my blog.

INTI's Library is a nice place to start with. Let's move on to what other things I saw.

Cock Ring! Beautiful brand name of a ring file, owned by Stephanie.

As if Cock Ring isn't enough, there are Cock Firestarters too! Alright, now for what kinda food I see.

The greatest Pan Mee from Face2Face! Near INTI, get yours now.

And I just can't miss out this photo of the CHOCOLATE FAIR.

Now that I'm done with the things I see. Let's move on to the famous dudes for my programme.

Tribute to Jason, the guy with the black hoodie for being the most happening guy in college.

Tribute to gayism in college.

Tribute to Shawn in the middle for being the definition of fun.

Also, tribute to Vinoth the sleeping king and the best comedian of all times.

It's been 3 months since I enrolled to college! And nothing can be more enjoyable than this. School life was yesterday and I have to admit that college life is a lot better and relaxing. Of course, it relies on different factors, but for me, it's really good. Thanks for those who keep bugging me for updates, and yeah, updates will come tommorow. More guides on computers, psychology, other categories. More knowledge! Stay tuned.