My One and Only

23 July 2010

It's been some time since there has been any stuff in the My Love Stories section.'s just a little post about my caring, kind, polite, beautiful, precious, selfless, comforting, soothing, calming, understanding, helpful, loving and funny to-be wife of mine named Lim Ee Ching. She has offered, still offering and will be offering her utmost support in everything I do. There are many things to say about our love story, but here it is again, a little gist of it.

See, this is my girlfriend. And she'll forever be my girlfriend. Some of my friends just say that... she's lucky to have me. But let's not be judgemental to say it like that before we even really know who she is. In truth, I am the lucky one to have her...or we're both lucky.

I will ignore and delete all bad comments regarding her, and I'll do things to make sure that our relationship is strong and ongoing. Now, I won't care what you all think or say. She'll be my one and only from now till the end. I'll accept whoever she is and whatever she does. To those bastards who wanna tackle my beloved angel, I hav but 3 wordz. You go dai.

Please do not, in any way, jeopardize the wellness of our relationship. Thanks a lot.

Things We Done In a While
Since no one's heard of us in a's what we've done for this year so far.

The start of 2010 marks the end of my SPM year, and the start of my deardear's SPM year. In January, I was in NS and my wife was extremely worried about me. She misses me so badly as she could only call me every weekend. I couldn't take it as well, as my heart was slowly crushed and devoured by the pain of missing her and my family. Luckily, I couldn't take the food there as well, and gone through all the POINTLESS sufferings that NS gave me, and finally got out. Anyways, let's take a look at the activities we are STILL doing together since 2009.

- Playing MSN games.
- Talking on the phone for more than 1 hour.
- Sweetztalkingz.
- E-mailing.
- Sending FB posts.
- Recalling and talking about our past love stories.
- Arguing
- Sending mails.
- Taking pics for each other.
- Promise we won't leave each other and say "I promise" over and over again. on so forth. So during February, I broke this glass of love pills which was given to me as a present by my beloved. The pills were blue/white in colour and they can be opened to put a small message inside. It was bought from Kuantan and it meant a lot to me. Both of us were very upset about it. I, myself, was upset over myself too! :(

Nevertheless! I collected all the 60 pills and placed it in a container.

Alright, enough of my butterfingers incident. Now we move on to March 2010 which was my wife's birthday and our 2 year anniversary! Just a blink-of-an-eye and we've already loved each other for 2 years. That's pretty quick.

I sent her a love letter, a pink one in fact, as she also sent a pink one last year. Inside the letter, I've put in my photostated IC, *lovey-dovey essays*, lovey-dovey cards, self-made bookmark, *secret*, one of the love pill with a lovey-dovey message inside, and many others ALLLLLL with glittery stickers on them! :)

And you know, I placed this small baby bottle keychain inside the mail, and when she received it, it was lost!! There seems to be a hole in the envelope. *sigh*

After that, I enrolled in INTI College Subang Jaya. I gave my college account's password, serial no. and the sort to my girlfriend so that she could take a look at my stuff anytime she wants. And for all this time, she spent lots of money to topup her phone in order to call me.

She has been paying a huge amount of money I can tell. Too much indeed.

From April-July, I couldn't do much for her because we were still very far apart. We kept on making promises that we will see each other the next year. But waiting for a single day to pass is like waiting for a month to pass. The pain gets deeper and stronger, making me realize that I couldn't do anything for her. She kept on spending money, time and came up with many interesting things to talk about. Me? I just receive her calls, talk about it, and I couldn't come up with something that makes her happy.

I was stuck with my own pain, until I decided to go to Kuantan just to see her, even for a second. But to do so was very difficult. My girlfriend told me that there weren't any buses or taxis. Even if there are, they will be extremely expensive. It was very difficult to get friends to go with me as well, because I need people in order to convince my parents that I'll be safe there. But everything failed, and I had to continue waiting.

Last Words
Hey, people...who needs a reason to love? You just need to feel good and happy with the person you're with. We don't care if we can do things for each other or matter what, we'll always love each other.

In love, we do not select someone that we see "GOOD" or "PERFECT". There is no logic in don't choose your partners too much. If you like that person, just go for it. You don't need to worry about whether that person would make a good lover, husband, wife or whatnot.

When I loved my girlfriend...I had never even seen her picture or face before. I cried badly when she said her ex-bf wanted her back in May 2008, which, I still haven't even seen her yet, and I didn't care if she was pretty or ugly. Call me stupid...but that's just one example of love. Love can be stupid to others, but we don't care, cuz love only concerns two people.