Savage 2: A Tortured Soul

19 July 2010

Introducing a very unique game for those are still undecided on what kinda games to play!

Alright. Introducing Savage 2! A very unique FREE TO PLAY game that features RTS, FPS and RPG style of gameplay. The game is highly dependent on SKILLS and STRATEGY of the player than items and stuff like that. It is the first and probably the only game to implement RTS and FPS style into one, except the previous Savage 1 of course.

Fast-paced action and cunning strategy development awaits you!

The game consists of two teams, the Legion of Man and the Horde of Beasts. In every game, these two teams will oppose each other and fight until their main base is destroyed. Savage 2 is a online-based multiplayer game, but it also has Practice mode just to solo a bit. In an average game, one player plays as the commander, and the rest of the team plays as the units.

Real Time Strategy, Being the Commander
Just like the previous Savage, Savage 2 requires a Commander to build buildings, gather resources, research and so on. In Savage 2, the commander also has the ability to use buffs or debuffs to strengthen his overall leadership ability. The strategy in which the commander uses, builds and orders other players around is the key to winning the game.

The commander can issue orders to other players to defend, harvest, build, attack, guard and so on. The commander is also the most important person in the game.

Planning and Strategy - CHECK!
Placement and Infrastructure - CHECK!
Ordering Units Around - CHECK!
Research, Tier and Tech - CHECK!
Fog of War - CHECK!

Definitely a RTS.

First Person Shooter, Being the Heroes.
While your wise commander would be busy planning the infrastructure and developing his strategy to move units (the little pawn pieces) around, these units make up the army and are controlled by the players itself. Players play as these Heroes and are not controlled by the commander, they can only be ordered around.

The success of one team does not only depends on perfect planning of the commander, but also the skills and the ability of the player to devastate the opposing force with well planned attacks and strikes. The player goes into FPS while holding a gun-type weapon, and goes into TPS while using melee weapons.

The melee combat is very impressive and you have total control of your actions. You time your attacks right by doing fast attacks or even jump attacks which can break the guard of an enemy. You will also need to block attacks and dodge attacks, then perform your own way of countering the enemy's attack.

Variety of Guns and Spells - CHECK!
Targeting System and Crosshair - CHECK!
WASD and Sprinting Around - CHECK!
Killing Sprees and Fragging - CHECK!
Crouching Behind Cover - CHECK!
Teamwork - CHECK!

Definitely a FPS.

Role Playing Game, Classes and Skills.
As a Hero in the game, you can level up within the game and build up your own attributes to suit your style of play. As the commander builds buildings which allows more units to be created, the player can choose more classes. Every class in the game is relatively useful in combat, but players can take on many roles such as being a healer, buffer, damage dealer and so on.

The skills in which a player can use depends on their class and the tech developed by the commander. When the commander researches and builds certain buildings, they unlock skills and weapons in which a player can use. Yeah, you can also buy and use items.

Oh, and in Savage 2, you are also put into Squads. Each squad is like a small party, and has a leader to perform orders as well. Being around each other will give extra boosts, promoting teamplay. There are also Officers which help out the commander and they all have extra boosts and abilities.

Class System - CHECK!
Spell System - CHECK!
Leveling - CHECK!
Attributes - CHECK!
Party System (Squads) - CHECK!

Definitely an RPG.

Other Fantastic Features
In RPGs like Final can summon Aeons. But here, you summon Hellbournes! By killing other enemies, you gain Soul Points in which you can use to summon these powerful creatures. The creatures assist in battles and provide lots of damage.

2. Creeps
Some maps, you can find creatures to kill as well, just like creeps in any strategy game.

3. Gadgets and Summonables
Some classes can deploy gadgets like traps and turrets. Some can also summon creatures to fight on their behalf. It all sums up to be a very powerful FPS + RPG gameplay element.

4. Supports Other OS
This game is native to Linux! Not only it runs in Windows, but also Linux and Mac OSX. How cool is that? You don't have to worry about compatibility issues.

Try it out!