WNx Homestay BLEACH OPENING 12 [Pencil + Photoshop] HD

25 August 2010

My animation project is finally completed!

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You can view in a larger resolution by going to this original link.

This is a video done by me, using pencil-drawn images to create an animation as close as Bleach's 12th Opening. As it is pencil-drawn, the sketchy-papery feeling is maintained and it will be black and white.

Inspired by Teh777's Maple Bleach [Opening 12] video. This short animation clip is done using my own pencil drawings/sketches and photoshopped images only. I don't have a tablet, so I drew on paper and scanned them in. It was really tedious that way, but oh well. The whole animation was done by myself with the help of the following items.

Canon Pixma MP150 (Scanner)

Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Flash CS5
SonyVegas (thanks to Teh777)

NagelSeries' Clouds Photoshop Brushes [Free]

Time Taken To Complete: 2 weeks+
Animation Speed: 12 FPS
Total Animation Frames: 1101
Actual Pencil Drawn Frames: 235

WNx Homestay is a comic created by me. All characters designed in the comic are based on real-life characters who played CabalSEA who are in the WarriorNation guild a couple of years back. Character designs may have similarity to other people's designs as they were all very simple shapes which can be learned almost anywhere. WNx stands for WarriorNation. Please go to this link for more information about the comic.


It is clearly stated that this animation clip is done based on Bleach's 12th Opening with WNx Homestay Comic characters. The comic strips can be seen/found at my blog here.


The following are the character replacements of the actual Bleach characters that appeared.

Ichigo - Rail the Book
Ulquiorra - Evo the Cheesy Meltz (idea from KFC)
Gin - Eggy the Egg
Lilynette - Ohmchii the Cat
Stark - Godfather the Male Fairy
Shunshui - Acelyn the Bat
Hitsugaya - Hoi Meng the Glasses Guy
Halibel - Wallyba the Owner Girl
Orihime - Mashi the Cute Girl
Yamamoto - Gardian the Garlie (idea from Cabal)
Hirako - Mori the Starfish
Aizen - Kit the Kit-Kat Bar (idea from Kit-Kat)
Barragan - Aaron the Grim Reaper
Hisagi - Hyonzan the Dog
Tousen - Rawrie the Toy Dinosaur
Unohana - Beanie the Bean
Isane - Aldane the Ladybug
Hell Butterflies - Faelry the Female Fairy
Ukitake - Gadarial the Butterfly
Yammy - JasonK the Flower
Mashiro - Toadler the Frog
Wonderweiss - Blackeagle the Black Eagle
Mayuri - Blitz the Blitzball (idea from FFX)
Kenpachi - Freakzero the Ice Cube
Byakuya - Lalaboy the Clam
Rukia - Vincy the Shoe
Renji - FMXC the Radio
Chad - Lulu the Orange
Hachigen - Snowie the Snowgirl
Hiyori - Naddie the Banana
Lisa - tr00wa the Mushroom
Rojuro - Ikezhou the Bag
Kensei - Arthuran the Teddy Bear
Love - Tasted the Chocolate Heart
Komamura - Lonegray the Wolf
Komamura's Bankai - Hurricanz the Hurricane
Ishida - Xiiao the Hamster
Soi Fon - Archerious the Archer Fish
Omaeda - Zingz the Zinger Burger (idea from KFC)

The following are the other entities appeared in the video which have reference to other games/sources.
Wallyba's Blade - Mithril Greatsword from Cabal
tr00wa's Right Weapon - Bluestin Orb from Cabal
Naddie's Sword - Osmium Daikatana from Cabal
Ikezhou's Blade - Shadowtitanium Blade from Cabal
Ikezhou's Other Weapon - Citrine Crystal from Cabal

Special thanks to Teh777 for using SonyVegas, which I don't have, to add final touches to the video. The song in this video is chAnge by Miwa.