Messy Hair

20 September 2010

Yeah, I've been told a thousand times...

"Your hair is weird, you should just cut it!"

See, I know my hair is unkempt, messy and ugly because I do not spend the time combing it or going to a barber for a haircut. It is also the way it is because of the curly nature of my hair. So it goes left, it goes right, it goes boom, it goes everywhere like a mop/creeping plant/pile of noodles!

Literally, noodles.

Do I really look like someone who cares how physical appearances lay an impression on just about anybody's mind? I am just a college student, still looking for deeper knowledge. I am not working for money yet, so it doesn't matter.

I hate haircuts since I was young because I have to sit around for half an hour doing nothing. I also hate haircuts because of the annoying sounds the scissors/shaving thing make every time they cut. So, I'm not gonna do anything to my hair until my girlfriend comes and rants about it! Simple.

CrashCromWell's photo.

Some of you might think, "Guys are all like that! They don't care about anything! Insensitive!", but this post has nothing to do with that. I just have no interest to look good and let people who judge books by their covers to have a liking on me. If I look good, it is not going to gain me anything anyway. I'll just waste more time and energy to look good for people who don't really care at all. So, why bother? :(

But I'll always try to look good in front of you, baby! Next time you just tell me how you want me to look and I'll do that. ;) When you come next year, of course.