Quick Christmas Gift Ideas

25 December 2010

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!

Yeah, I ain't back yet, but I'm just here to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and many thanks to those who continue to visit my blog from time-to-time to check for updates. I'll be back on new year, 1st of January.

Merry Christmas! Is it me, or does this picture (Stacy Keibler) has the pose of the dance, Caramelldansen?

Have you bought presents for your loved ones already?

I'll assume that's a yes. But if no, how about saying a sincere "I Love You" with a self-made Christmas note/card as a sincere gift? Go to a shop, get some stickers and start making one! It's not too late even if you've already opened all the presents...

Gift Ideas
Christmas Card + Necklace

These are some stickers with a heart pendant, all in one packet. I got it from DAISO Japan in Sunway Pyramid, Malayisa. DAISO Japan is a store that sells everything for RM5, so you can take a look. They have really cute stickers there. What? I'm a guy, and yeah I love cute stickers.

So use these stickers and make a Christmas card. Then, get a chain and attach the pendant on it to make a necklace. You can add some beads and Swarovski crystals if you want...TADA! A very sincere Christmas present.

2. Starbucks' Christmas Blend Coffee + Coffee Press
Okay, the coffee press is there if you don't have a coffee maker. French press is cheap, so yeah.

This is a French Press coffee maker. It's probably around RM60 or so.

This is the Starbucks' Christmas Blend. It contains cedar and spice, for year 2010 though, not sure about other years. Each year it tastes a bit different, but many people really liked the Christmas Blend. If you're using French Press, be sure to tell them to grind the coffee for the French Press, and not for other coffee makers.

If let's say you're buying this for your father but you don't have a coffee maker, buy the coffee maker for your father and buy the coffee for your brother or something!

3. Very Cute Books

If you ask me, I really like decorative book designs with awesome covers. I usually write and plan things on books and papers, so if I had a beautiful book, I can use it for many occassions.

4. Origami Angel
Visit this website on how to make one...

You can make other origamis as well and decorate them with some cute stickers or even accompany them with a Christmas card. If you're doing this angel, look at the website and follow the steps.