SPM Results Are Out!

11 March 2010

SPM Results of Year 2009 are out today!

I have already moved to KL and for now I'm back in Ipoh to get my results. Using this old, sick and dusty computer, I am not able to upload any photos and blog much due to its slow performance! Therefore I will just announce my results for the day.

My SPM Results
Bahasa Melayu: A-
Bahasa Inggeris: A+
Sejarah: A
Pendidikan Moral: A
Mathematics: A+
Additional Mathematics: A+
Physics: A
Chemistry: A
Biology: A

Yeap, straight As. Seems excellent to me. Congratulations to all others who obtained very well results, even though not straight As but results full of Bs is considered very good.

Goodbye for now and I will be updating more useful information as well as the continuation of WNx Homestay comics after I get my computer and Internet connection in my new home.