Honey Lemon Day!

16 August 2010

Ohh! Happy Honey Lemon Day to Nico!

Yeah, for those who don't know what Honey Lemon day is, you can click Profile at the top and view the About Me stuff. That day where I drank the Honey Lemon is called Honey Lemon day, and it marks every month since we started dating!

Toys I wanna buy for her.

See, this is probably the first time I'm blogging about a Honey Lemon day. But anyways, we are so distant from each other, we couldn't do much on HL day except for kissy-kiss and do stuff together through the phone and Internet. Let me answer some questions about our love for this HL day, which makes us been together for 2 years and 5 months.

My first gift to her.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is there Love, (Name) at the end of every, if not, almost all blog posts?
When we created this blog, we decided that we would make it a nice and sweet blog for everyone else to know about our love. It was intended to be blogged by both of us, but my girlfriend is too busy to manage the blog. Every time we post up something, we would end it in such a way so that everytime one of us visits the blog, it is like a letter/message meant for us to see, and that we loved each other as much as always.

2. What category does this blog belong to?
Originally it was intended for personal love stories, but I bet that would be a bit dull for fellow readers. So I used this blog for all sorts of categories, where anyone could find some useful/helpful posts about their lives, relationships and many others. Along with the Love Stories, this blog should be more interesting.

Her Grade 6 Ballet book. Honey Lemon!

3. How do you and your girlfriend meet?
We don't. So far, after 2 years and 5 months, we only met once. For that story, you could read this post.

4. How is it possible for someone to meet through games to be so in love?
Yeah, putting in a huge amount of trust to someone over the net is certainly very dangerous. When I fell in love with her, I had no idea what kind of person she could've been, or how many lies had she told me. But I trusted her, as if it's like destiny.

5. Phone bills?
Beyond your imagination.

Another Gist of Our Love
Alright, this is what I do with my girlfriend's pictures and stuff. I save all both of our pictures, recorded sound clips *shh!*, drawings and everything she sends to me in a folder and I named it "All About Me and My Baby."

By doing this, I get to view, share or do anything with them to recall and relive those sweet moments back then. Everything she sends me by mail are also kept in a container.

I keep simple pictures like this as well. Taken on my birthday, 2008.

If you actually save all this, and view it from time to time, you would know the value of love between you and your lover, and what you both had gone through. These presents and pictures make you recall many tiny little things that happened, and you can actually write out or tell your whole love story through that.

She took a picture of a huge ant!

If you haven't already keep and save every single little thing from your lover, do it now!