Genting Trip

22 December 2009

On the 15th of December 2009, I went on a trip to Genting Highlands!!

Well the trip to Genting Highlands was fun and awesome...and incomplete without my precious girlfriend! Thanks to Jimmy as the organizer for the trip...there's only 4 people who went including me.

Jimmy Loh
Teh Nian Peng
Kwan Toh Jun
Nicholas Wong

Along with other 5SC1 fellas, and some people who were coincidentically in Genting on that date such as Toon Kah Chuen, Geston Yong and Kwok Bing Loon, we all were having fun in our separate ways. We first arrived at First World Hotel. So! Let's get in some pictures.

Snowman at First World Hotel Lobby

Christmas Feel.

The first day, we waited to check in to the hotel at 12pm. After checking in, we had some good rest, and we walked around First World Plaza to look around and see what we could plan. We had lunch at Burger King! But Jimmy and Teh ordered beef burgers, which they couldn't eat because they're Buddhists. They ate anyway, just rinse their mouth and pray pray!

We also went for Archery and of course... Nicholas is still the best at it. We then went back to our hotel room, 21 810 Tower 2 @ First World and played cards and stuff.

I helped another family took a photo!

On the 2nd day! 16th of December 2009, I was fascinated because today marks 1 year and 9 months of time of my relationship with my girlfriend. We call this Honey Lemon day if you have forgotten or did not read the earlier posts.

We woke up very early and sent Teh and Kwan to free breakfast at First World Cafe while Jimmy and I head on to get the tickets for Outdoor Theme Park. It was around 8 in the morning, there was so little people in the theme park.

We got to enjoy most of the rides such as:
Pirate Ship (x)
Rolling Thunder Mine (xx)
Fire Dragon thing (xxx)
Flying Coaster (xxxx)
Spinning Chair thing (x)
Go-Karts (-)

Some of the cool rides were closed, and we didn't get to try Corkscrew & Space Shot because of mist. The X is the rating of how scary the rides are to me. Scary = Fun. I'm sure Corkscrew would score a 5! =)

After enjoying all these, my girlfriend Nico came with her friend Chu Jin! So we now have a new party consisting of 6 people! (RPG Fever) Since they came late, we had to queue up for almost an hour at the Go-Kart. Of course, Nicholas won again, and then we head on to have lunch at Hou Mei. Nico and I wanted time together, so we had lunch later and enjoyed our own sweet couple time by ourselves.

Muax-muax in Hotel Room! Hawt!

Time flies when Nico and I were together, till night, we went to the gardens near the theme park. We stayed there, walking around in that maze till midnight. Jimmy and the rest are there too, we enjoyed the nice scenery despite the heavy mist and low temperature.

Finally! A picture with both of us inside!

Our couple rings.

We also took a group photo which is in Toh Jun's camera. Right now he's in Negeri Sembilan...couldn't get the photos. As time flies past midnight, Nico had to go. My heart was heavy and painful, I wanted her to stay. I had to wait months and years just to see her again. We hugged each other so tightly and finally kissed goodbye.

We promised that we will wait for each other no matter what.

On the 3rd day, 17th of December 2009, we had to head home at 4pm. So we woke up early as usual to get our breakfast. Then, we started walking around First World, Highlands and Genting for souvenirs. I got some chocolates, lighter and keychains for my family!

Jimmy was excited as we entered the Gallery. Inside, there's a whole history of Genting and about Lim Goh Tong. So we took some pictures and knew all about it.

The giant cabinet of medals and items.

Heh, 3 nubs discovered an artifact! What is it?

They discovered the new generation power ranger goats!

There was a whole consturction plan and design as well as the view of Genting Highlands in models. It was wonderful and we had lots of fun. It was an awesome trip, lots of fun and though we could have had more, we were tired and exhausted of all the walking and sight-seeing.

I would like to apologize to Jimmy and the rest for taking a lot of their time to direct Nico and I to places we want to go...and they had given us a lot of time together alone. Because of how they would tolerate us, I had less time to spend with my friends. Eventually the time loss would take away other activities such as arcades and so on away because you all were waiting for me.

I'm sorry to Chu Jin as well for taking away Nico and making her bored like hell.

How I miss these sweet moments together.

Overall, the trip was fun and exciting for me. I had lots of fun with my girlfriend, which I hope would be my future wife!

I miss you baby...I love you always. Although we couldn't meet so often, we had to wait for months and years just for a date, I would still wait, and I'm still waiting. I would wait till I die if I had to, just to meet you...just to hold you tight in my arms and just to give you a kiss. I would die for that. Thanks for everything, baby!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

More pictures are with Toh Jun and Jimmy. I might put them up here when I get it.