Endhiran - The Robot

23 October 2010

This is the first Tamil movie I've watched in the cinema...

AND HOLY MOTHERPUPPY THIS IS THE THING! My first Indian movie and it's like the most epic movie ever! You know, I never expected an Indian movie to be this...amazing. This movie is futuristic (even the songs are, damn!) and is a great science-fiction. I'll talk about this movie for a bit.


The story is basically kinda the same for other movies concerning robots, where a robot with programmed emotions start to act accordingly on its own. It's kinda like the real Kenji robot that is made to love. Kenji failed because it "loved" a woman so intense that he stopped her from going out of the room and hugged her tightly with his "100kg hydraulic arms".

Failed Kenji robot.

Dr. Vaseegaran (acted by Rajni) built this robot and named it Chitti (also by Rajni). Chitti had no emotions at first, so when he saves people, he was not able to act according to humans' emotional preference. Something happened that caused a death of a girl, and Dr. Vaseegaran did not give up. So, he programmed Chitti to have emotions, in which then backfired...because Chitti began to fall in love with the Dr's girlfriend, Sana (acted by Aishwarya Rai). So...yeah, the horror begins.

Rajni in the desert.

What I Think About It
Well, this movie has everything. It has comedy, drama, action, musicals and everything! At first, the story was kinda cool and epic...and it gets better and better with some music & dance here and there. When reaching the end, I didn't really like the parts after Chitti became destructive because it was kinda fake, like the part where the army fired at Chitti in a car chase (with lots of cars on the highway) even though a hostage (Sana) was with him in the car. The robot formations are also illogical, from a small sphere with a number of robots, they could suddenly become a long cobra that requires many more robots. But! However fake and annoying it may be, it's so funny and creative that it becomes a good thing!

Futuristic theme, clothing and stuff which is pretty amazing.

The special effects are good, and I can say it's not bad at all. Although its not the most realistic, but it's awesome (they're all made by Chinese / Korean people anyway)...

The music is pretty good too. I've never expected techno-ish music in the movie...and it's very well done. Even the more traditional kinda songs are really um, how should I put it, EPIC.

My favourite songs in the movie are Kilimanjaro and Irumbile Oru Idhayam.

Overall, good movie! It's so epic and funny that you won't wanna miss any scene in the movie. It was really worth my money. I am Chinese, and I had no idea Indian movies could be so epic. It is comparable to the epic American-made movies we've seen.

Yeah, I don't wanna reveal too much... :D it's so epic, so go see for yourself.