My Random Touhou Dream

19 October 2010

Today, I fell asleep for quite some time and dreamt about dumb stuff...

Recently, I am addicted to Touhou games. Not just games, but everything about Touhou. The music, remixes, comics, artwork, story, characters, everything!

So I had this weird dream where the whole world started to know what's Touhou. I's on TV, it's on newspapers and it's everywhere. Shows and concerts start to sing Touhou songs. I was watching TV with my family at one part in my dream, where my dad asked what song was the person singing on TV? So... *ahem* with my Touhou addiction abilities, I named out the song, "Lunatic Princess" which is Kaguya's theme from the 8th Touhou Game, IMPERISHABLE NIGHT!

That's me, and yeah, I drew this in MS Paint with a mouse.

Yeah, I said it out with coolness. Then there are other songs on TV (vocalized) such as Reisen's theme and stuff like that. Touhou is everywhere at that time...I swear.

Kaguya at the back sending Reisen to fight Mokou in Chapter 11 of "Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth". She sent out 5 assassins, all 5 were Reisen and Reisen was defeated 5 times.

Then we went to this pet shop where they sell fishes. And inside that shop, there were small aquariums with sea centipedes inside. The sea centipedes in my dreams are really cool...they have exotic colours. I remember one with aqua blue colour on its back and a little pinkish colour near the feelers. Its legs are spread out in the water. So I went to search for "sea centipede" online, and ZOMFG IZ SO SCARY AND UGLY ITS SO DIFFERENT FROM THE ONE IN MY DREAMS! Alright, maybe not so ugly, but it's different.

Centipede that lives in the sea, Paridotea Collingei.

However, I managed to find a blue bee instead. It's a carpenter bee, the picture is taken in Malaysia. They call it, "Xylocopa caerulea" and it's quite beautiful despite the fact that I hate insects.

Blue Carpenter Bee.

And in that pet shop, there was a TV. And someone was singing some Touhou song in it. Dreams can be really gay sometimes, but that's how it went for my dream earlier today. After that, I went to a place that looked like the Scarlet Devil's Mansion (Koumakan? Kewl!) but...yeah, the Touhou characters weren't there but somehow, my cousins were there! My japanese cousins, and from that moment onwards, I could suddenly speak japanese without even knowing what I was saying.

Scarlet Devil Mansion, illustration from Perfect Momento in Strict Sense.

Then there was this maid (Sakuya?!) which was middle-aged and slightly plump. She started becoming annoying by telling me the rules in the mansion, but she was nice.

Sakuya? Chief maid of Scarlet Devil's Mansion.

Sigh, I'm so into Touhou these days. I should get a Touhou action figure or something so I can stare at it all-day long! :D

Marisa Kirisame, one of the main characters in like...all Touhou games.