WNxH: Face Problem

28 November 2010

28th November 2010's comic strip is out!

Yup, this Sunday's strip is out. Xiiao asks Faelry to make him immortal after he recalled about Faelry thanks to the news about "Secrets to Being Immortal."

WNx Homestay: Face Problem

You probably realized that there is something about the colour scheme for Xiiao and Faelry that you probably had seen it somewhere before. Yup, you're right, Xiiao has Hamtaro's colours and Faelry has Bubbles' colours.


Aminulrasyid Amzah's Shooting Case

27 November 2010

Justice for Aminurlrasyid Amzah.

There has been a recent case that happened on April 2010 in Selangor, Malaysia that attracted many people's attention. I've been to many websites and blogs and I keep seeing people saying that the police were just doing their job and were not wrong. Please let me explain why I feel that these idiots don't know what they're talking about.

For those of you who don't know this case, let me tell you about it. I will first tell you about the statements from the police and witnesses, and then my rants.

15-year-old shot dead (26 April 2010) in a car chase by the police.

Police's Statement
2 policemen detected a Proton Iswara at Section 14, Shah Alam in a suspicious manner.

Police gave signal for the car to stop but was ignored and the driver sped off.

This caused the 2 policemen to start a chase with the aid of another 2 policemen with another patrol car.

Police had successfully stopped the car after the drive run against several traffic lights.

The police opened fire after Aminulrasyid attempted to reverse the car into them in Section 11 which caused them to shoot in self-defence.

They also claimed that a parang was found in the car.

Witness: Azamudin Omar's Statement

Azamudin Omar and the deceased intended to go Ali Corner at Section 7 to give a hand to a friend whose motorcycle tyre was punctured.

On the way, the car drove by the deceased was involved in slight accident with a car parked along the road.

They fled the scene of the accident and were in panic state.

About 5 motorcyclists apparently the friends of the car owner (the one in the slight accident) chased the deceased's car.

The deceased intended to go back to his home at Section 11.

At Kayangan Roundabout Section 12, a motorcyclist hit the car from the back and fell down and the motorcyclists stopped chasing them.

They overtook a police car at Section 14 and they were chased till Caltex petrol Station at Section 11.

The shooting began when they entered into Jalan Tarian junction.

The deceased was shot in the head and fell to his lap upon dying, but the car was still moving because the decease still had his foot on the pedal.

The car rammed into a wall and stopped.

Azamudin Omar crawled out from the car and fell into a drain. He tried to surrender himself, but was immediately kicked by a police offier at the back of his head. He was beaten up further by several other policemen.

He managed to escape and ran through the school (SMK Seksyen 11) and immediately went home.

They did not bring/have a parang in the car.

Witness: Zafrullah Ahmad Zainal Abidin's Statement

He heard gunshots, sirens and the crashing of the deceased's car outside his house (the car crashed near his home).

He rushed out to see what happened and saw the crashed car at the wall in front of his house.

The front wheels of the car were in the drain which makes reversing impossible.

He saw one of the perpetrators (first witness, Azamudin Omar) who was running from the police and successfully escaped in doing so.

There was no occassion where the police found or took out any weapon or parang from the car after searching the car.

There were other people who came to the scene to see what happened as well.

The 2nd witness proved 3 points testified by the 1st witness which are:
a) There was no reversing of the car or attempt to fight back.
b) Azamudin Omar successfully escaped from the police.
c) There was no weapon/parang found in the car.
Consistent enough to prove that the 1st witness was telling the truth. The parang the police claimed to have found also did not contain any DNA or fingerprints and was deemed useless/not an evidence.

Chronology of the Incident

Cause of Death
Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah senior forensic consultant, Dr. Khairul Azman Ibrahim testified at the Sessions Court that, the 15-year-old died within seconds of the bullet penetrating his skull. Other abrasions found on his body could due to "impact of blunt objects and friction."

Dr Khairul said it penetrated the skull from the back of the head and hit the brain stem which caused massive bleeding. With no other abnormalities in organs or any sort of forensic evidence, the kid most likely died due to a SINGLE GUNSHOT TO THE HEAD.

Based on this article.

Court & Trial
The trial is still going on and the police were not charged yet. The recent trial is on Corporal Jenain Subi, 48 under Section 304(a) of the Penal Code for culpable homicide not amounting to murder. It carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison and a fine.

My Opinions

Look at the post posted by the Anonymous. I would like to point out a few things...

Firstly, the deceased's car overtook the police car and did not stop when asked to. The car was only speeding. The police can only open fire for self-defence or when other's lives are threatened. The deceased did not have a weapon and did not attempt to fight back. RUNNING AWAY is not FIGHTING BACK! At best, the police can only fire ONLY to stop the car, in which is to fire at the tires or set up road block/spike-traps. What? The Malaysian police doesn't know how to set up road blocks and traps?

Now look, the kid's got a bullet to the head. Even if the police fired in short controlled bursts, so what? The police aimed for DRIVER, not the car. The police may have had the intention to only stop the car, but soon it became the intention to kill.

Now another thing, about the "what-if-there-was-a-suicide-bomber-in-the-car?"...

The police cannot fire at someone based on "SUSPICION" only. Running away from the police when being called upon is against the law, but the police cannot fire at the person if the person does not fight back like I said earlier. Furthermore, it is the middle of the night. It's impossible for the police to make correct speculations that the driver is up to something bad just because he's speeding. There is also a possibility that the driver is drunk, so you begin to fire at him?

Additional Note: If you think it's correct to gun down drunk drivers because you think they deserve to die, you're wrong. Nobody cares the moral values you believe in. This is the law.

Just because there is a possibility of a suicide bomber does not give the rights to the police to open fire. If so, I could suspect everyone and open fire at anyone I like. Do you guys even know the law? The sole fact that they fired at the car is already wrong. You cannot shoot someone just because you're not sure what they're up to.


This is another article which is about a psychologist saying that the deceased is to be blamed. I can't express how stupid this is. I'll comment based on the quotes there.

"And police on this shift are usually armed with automatic firearms because they don't know what they will be up against. The usual procedure is to pull a suspicious car over and shine a torchlight inside, but they didn't have a chance to do that in this case. So, they opened fire," said Dr. Teoh the psychologist.

YOU CANT OPEN FIRE JUST BECUZ SOMEONE'S SUSPICIOUS DAMNIT, KNOW THE LAW! It's what Malaysian cops do, they have no balls. When they suspect someone, they open fire first. If they're correct, they get all the credit. If the person is innocent, they make up some story.

"An automatic weapon sprays bullets. It is likely that a stray one hit the boy. I have handled firearms before and I can tell you an object moving quickly in the dark is almost impossible to shoot at."

What? You think the police never handled a firearm before? The police have professional training of firearms and were taught to shoot in controlled bursts like what Anonymous said. If they could let a stray bullet hit the boy, it is also their fault and can be charged for man-slaughter.

Due to professional training, there is no room for error. If the police's actions have a slight possibility of killing someone that is not armed or does not attempt to fight the police (can be anyone, even robbers and gangsters), the police CANNOT open fire or he will be charged in court.

“People are overlooking a most important issue, which is that a minor was behind the wheel. As far as the law is concerned, he was in the wrong.”

Here, this is the stupidest part. The most important issue was the child behind the wheel? Are you dumb? The child was wrong, DUH. That does not give the right to the police to open fire, I repeat again. "Do not fire unless fired upon," this is what the police have learned in training school. The most important issue is the police had killed the child.

The police fabricated evidence (parang in car) and misled the public by giving false information about the case. Aminulrasyid did not have a weapon and did not attempt to fight the police. He only tried to escape because he was in a panic state. The police had no reason to fire at him. Suspicion is not a valid or legal reason to open fire leading to the child's death.

With all that evidence, the police should be charged with MURDER instead. The kid died with a single bullet to the head and dozens of bullet holes in his car. The police saw a speeding car, chased after it and gunned it down with the intention to kill.

JUSTICE FOR AMINULRASYID AMZAH. Please don't say the police aren't wrong! Don't be stupid! Even the police knew they could be charged, that's why they tried to cover up the case by fabricating stuff! Gather publicity so that the police can't cover up their wrongdoings!


Nokia Big Prizes (Campaign)

25 November 2010

Starting from today, every Thursday is campaign day!

Yup, on every Thursday, I will post up about a campaign that will most probably benefit you or the society. It may also contain useful stuff to see, and sometimes it's just plain funny. Some campaigns are for Malaysians only and some is for everyone. Don't worry, I'll specify things clearly for ya'll.

Applied Region: Malaysia Only
Campaign Type: Promotion / Rewards

Today's campaign is for Nokia. They are offering prizes such as

50" 3D Plasma TV, diamond watches, holiday trips to Australia and Bali, scooter, notebook PC and many more!

Visit their website below for more information. Check out their new featured devices as well.

Recently, Nokia has released phones like X5 which is about RM650. For it's specs such as 5MP Camera, QWERTY keypad and many others, it is really a value buy. Compared to my Sony W580 which has only 2MP Camera and lower specs than the X5, mine is about RM800. I just got owned? Anyway, worth checking out the Nokia site even if you ain't from Malaysia, now they're selling phones cheap, and they're even offering prizes!

Support This Campaign!

How is Respect Determined?

23 November 2010

In the world, people keep telling each other about being respectful. But how is respect measured or determined?

Many people nowadays are said to have lack of respect. The word respect is kind of overused as well, even the slightest things can be "disrespectful" to some people. We're just going to look at respect in a more philosophical/logical way. In what cases does respect really apply?

Definition of Respect
Based on Wikipedia,
Respect denotes both a positive feeling of esteem for a person or other entity (such as a nation or a religion), and also specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem.

According to a journal article research on PubMed Central,
What Does ‘Respect’ Mean? Exploring the Moral Obligation of Health Professionals to Respect Patients
Respect is the recognition of the unconditional value of patients as persons.

Although the second one is for doctors and patients, but I'll combine it in a way that it makes sense. The definitions here suggest that respect is a PERSONAL feeling for ONE person/entity that has no condition. Why personal? Because not everyone has the same positive feeling/recognition towards something. In other words, what actions do you consider it rude? Different people don't mind about rudeness at all. And to say that it is UNCONDITIONAL is true, you don't need a reason to respect someone...since everyone says, "You're supposed to respect everyone!"

Rudeness (also called impudence or effrontery) is a display of disrespectfulness by not complying with the social "laws" or etiquette of a group or culture. These laws have been established as the essential boundaries of normally accepted behavior. To be unable or unwilling to align one's behavior with these laws known to the general population of what is socially acceptable is to be rude.

Srsly. WTF?

I don't know about you, but it's dumb if we have to spend our time learning all these social "laws" of different groups and cultures all over the world just to be NOT RUDE. Not only different GROUPS...but different INDIVIDUALS may have their own perception of "ACCEPTED BEHAVIOUR" as well. Why not just wipe away all that and look at mine? There are only 4 situations of disrespectfulness which you'll see later on.

To Whom Does Respect Apply To?
Respect comes from humans. To whom does it apply to? Humans. But let us not forget the fact that for different human beings, they have a different perception of respect.

What may seem respectful to you, might not be respectful to them or vice versa. So, how do you know when a person is respecting another or not? These are the few points I would like to point out that some actions should NOT be deemed "disrespectful."

OBJECT OF RESPECT refers to the person/entity to be respected.

Non-Disrespectful Acts
Doing acts in a situation where the object of respect is not affected of his/her original actions.
For example, in a class of 10 students, if the object of respect is a teacher and only one student does not pay attention by silently fiddling with his handphone, it should not be considered disrespectful.

The main reason being that the teacher is able to teach without any disturbances, and the teacher is able to move, think, and say freely without any restrictions from the so-called "disrespectful" student.

According to Stony Brook University, disruptive behaviour ACTIVELY INHIBITS (yes, actively inhibits!) students' ABILITY TO LEARN, instructors' ABILITY TO TEACH, or the regular operation of the campus. I just wanted to show what is considered disruptive, it ACTIVELY INHIBITS the ability of a person to do something.

If in any case where the other 9 students focus their attention to the one student who's playing with his handphone, the teaching process may still go on. However, the main response from most people would be this,

"Stop that. Other people want to study, don't be selfish."

Sitting quietly and playing with the handphone does not take away the teacher's ability to teach/talk nor the other students' ability to learn/listen. It is not possible for students to pay 100% attention at 100% of the time, it is human nature and the people who really want to study would not bother about minor distractions at all. Consider the fact that many people do miss out important details in a class even when there are no distractions becuase it is impossible for a student to maintain complete focus throughout the class. It comes down to the person and his/her self-discipline. (Not to mention, a good multitasker can pay attention to two or more things at once, really!)

If a person is not deprived of his/her original rights and actions, it should not be disrespectful at all.

2. Disagreement of a certain topic or difference in point of views.
Nothing is the truth, everything is permitted. There are endless possibilities in the world and some researches are not even evident enough to prove a fact. Despite the lack of evidence and other possible factors, some people make it as if it is true immediately.

If another person disagrees with what you have to say, it is not disrespectful. He/she is not your dog, he/she doesn't need to listen to you. Being ignorant is not disrespectful. Unless, the person puts the topic aside and does personal attacks on you. This might be disrespectful because the original topic/action is ignored/interrupted and it is a waste of time as you hear irrelevant information that does not benefit anyone (not because of the attacks were personal).

And that's why you get BANNED!

3. Difference in tone of speech or writing.
Most people would say the tone in speech or writing pretty much defines whether a person is showing respect or not. However, I disagree with this point.

Firstly, you cannot determine the tone in writing properly because it is not a face-to-face communication.

Secondly, a person's view on another's tone of speech may differ from one person to another.

A person may seem as if he's shouting his words out, but to him, he's just speaking normally. Is this person disrespectful? Annoying, maybe. Again, it comes down to your open-mindedness to accept that people may not be as skilled as using different tones in their speech like you can. Judging whether a person shows respect through their speech is judgemental and may lead to you yourself being disrespectful instead.

This is Graham's Hiearchy of Disagreement, which is quite true. Response to Tone, Ad Hominem and Name-Calling are the disrespectful reactions which are quite common.

4. Difference in religion or belief.
Your own race or religion is not the only one that exists in the world. Also, just because the others may have the same religion or race as you, it does not mean that the person has to believe in all superstitions or traditions like you do.

To some people, wearing a hat indoors is disrespectful and to some others it is not. We must accept the other person that he doesn't apply your tradition. Who cares if you follow a tradition or not? Don't expect everyone to follow you; again, they're not your dogs.

Another example would be the American A-Okay sign. In some other regions, that sign may be a vulgar expression (invitation to hump the hole!) or something. Look, if you interpret it as something bad or good, that's just you. In this situation, this is not being disrespectful. This is called a miscommunication.

Situations of Disrespect
- Taking away a person's right to do something.
- Interrupting a person's intended/original actions.
- Taking away a person's belongings (time is included).
- Threatening a person's life/security.

Situations of respect is just the opposite of this...almost all the points are related to each other anyway.

I DONT SEE SHIT ABOUT ESTEEM OR PRIDE! Yeah, because as how you cannot measure respect, you cannot measure a person's feeling for the esteem of another person/entity as well.

How does a person's self-esteem or pride gets challenged? According to Wikipedia again, a person's self-esteem is a term used in psychology to reflect a person's overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth.

Different people think differently. Just in what situation do you think your self-esteem is challenged? When people call you dumb and incompetent for no reason? This is psychological. If you have great self-esteem, I bet you know what they have said does not affect your self-esteem at all. Now that's what self-esteem is all about, dude. Therefore, challenged pride is not a situation of disrespect. Wasted time and interrupted actions are better points.

Random picture. Respect for nurses, anyone? :D

The conclusion is simple. Remember the second definition for doctors and patients? The recognition of patients as persons. As long as you do not deprive someone from their rights or actions as a human being, an average person, then it is not disrespectful. This is how respect should be determined, and not from "whatever seems nice" to you.


WNxH: Secrets of Being Immortal

21 November 2010

Again, this Sunday's comic strip is out!

I know how Rail has been able to resurrect himself and even change the sides he's facing and stuff like that. In WNxH, objects simply have the ability to change wherever they face because they actually have no expression. They are given "life" through magic.

WNx Homestay: Secrets of Being Immortal


How to Earn Money Online Easily?

17 November 2010

This applies to Southeast Asia region only.

Well people have been earning money through advertisements they put up on their site and the sort. Today, we're going to learn how to earn money by just sharing a link in Facebook or in anywhere possible, even your blog.

How Does It Work?
There's this site called YouthSays, which is a reward platform for youths. It currently supports Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philliphines. Other countries will be supported soon.

All you need to do is to sign-up or you can sign in with your Facebook account (if you're afraid that it's a scam, you can always sign-up a Youthsays account instead). Then, take a look at the campaigns which offer money per click. All you have to do is to click Share This and put it up anywhere you like, even on Facebook! And for every unique click, you get the amount of money that is there.

Basically what you're doing is you're advertising campaigns for them. There are 3 types of campaigns: Sponsored Campaigns, Community Campaigns and User Campaigns. You get CONTRIBUTION POINTS (CP) by sharing Community and User Campaigns which you can use to bid for rewards or make your own campaigns. You get money for sharing Sponsored Campaigns. Each campaign has a set amount of money/CP to give out, so if all money/CP is given, then you won't receive any for that particular campaign anymore.

The last two campaigns are marked Completed which means there is no more money to give out.

How Do I Get Paid?
The minimum pay-out is RM50.00. Although you don't put in your address while making your account, you get to put the address for them to send when you want to receive your money.

I Want To Try It Now!


You can click on the link to go to the site to sign-up (under my invitation). Hey, it doesn't matter if you can or cannot earn money, you get to try it out! Even if your afraid that it's a scam, you can just create an account there instead of signing in with your Facebook account.

To me, it looks much more easier than putting up ads on your site. Try it!


[Notice] - Removal of Links

16 November 2010

Starting from next week, the Links section at the sidebar will be removed.

I apologize for those who are in my Links as I will remove them next week. The Links section will be replaced by Banners and will only include partners of my work & projects / important sites.

If you wish to maintain your link at my blog (I know my blog sucks, it's not worth leaving your link here and it ain't that popular, but it's for the sake of readability, design and usefulness towards readers), you can design a banner, 200x40 pixels and let me know. Here's my banner if you wish to add it in your blog/website.

Banner Info

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For now I will only accept banners from my project partner, Evo and other friends who are currently in the Links list. If you are a fellow reader and wish to put up a banner here, I will allow that some time later but not anytime soon. Wait till my blog gets popular!! XD


Flash 8 VS CS5

15 November 2010

The benefits of why Flash 8 may be better than CS5 in terms of movie animations.

Alright, I will not go over for comparisons in making interactive websites or anything that has to do with ActionScript because Flash CS5 clearly is the winner for having ActionScript 3.0, which is the newest and the fastest. I'm going to focus on developing animation movies and you'll see why this comparison is made.

My PC's Specifications
Intel Core i5-750
1TB HDD Space
ATI Radeon HD5570 1GB
Windows 7 Home Premium 32-Bit

Memory Usage
Flash CS5 uses more memory than Flash 8, especially when performing simple tasks like showing multiple large images at once. When creating HD movies (I experienced this while creating this one), you would have to deal a lot with larger sized images, probably even larger than your HD resolution size.

For example, my Touhou animation project is 1280x720 pixels, thats a 720p HD size. I'm doing my art and images on 1920x1080, 1080p HD size so that I could do camera pans and the sort with my characters.

In Flash CS5, here's what happened. When I dragged fifteen 1920x1080 sized images (yeap, for 15 frames) from the Library to the workspace, CS5 won't even show me anything! The images just went missing and you can't do anything about it even after I restarted it countless of times. I tried adding a keyframe and CS5 tells me that I do not have enough memory. On my WNx Homestay animation project, I had over 1000 frames in HD size and CS5 crashed because it couldn't handle 1000 frames! Every time I exported my WNx Homestay as video, it will never succeed, so I had to break them up into separate Flash files to export them. It was not able to handle such simple operations on a HD project.

I was just trying to add a damn keyframe after I managed to get the pictures loaded!

In Flash 8 however, I was able to do all that. When I dragged the same fifteen 1920x1080 images into the workspace, it was there in a millisecond, I swear. CS5 took about 5-10 seconds before it's done just for you to realize that nothing is there.

Therefore, I guess it is safe for me to assume that Flash 8 takes up really much less memory and performs better when it comes to large images. Have you seen Touhou IOSYS animations? Even Core i7s can't handle them. If my decent computer's CS5 couldn't handle an average animation like mine, what more do you expect? Flash 8 does the job though.

Movie Exporting
Flash CS5 is good at exporting movies. Although I must say that the exporting system has not much of a difference between the two. My experience is that, when I told Flash 8 to export my video in 1280x720 pixels, it exports it in a different size with some black borders surrounding it as if it's helping me to "decorate" my movie.

I couldn't resolve this problem until Evo told me about compressing it with the ffdx codec option which will produce the same results but I just went to export my movie in CS5 and it worked fine.

This is what you see in CS5, which is exactly the same as Flash 8. But it exports properly, exactly as specified.

So what I do is, I do my animations in Flash 8, then open it up with CS5 and export them. They give good results, since I was unable to do my animations on CS5, I had to do them on Flash 8 (which is much better). Their workspace design is not that different at all.

Flash 8's movie exporting doesn't seem to be too friendly to me. Flash CS5 justs exports as it is and gets it done, although it will crash if you have lots of frames and a computer below USD$1000 though (from what I experienced).

Although obsolete, Flash 8 seems better to me than CS5 in movie-making from what I experienced. These are true experiences and I don't know what's the damn problem but my computer's a pretty decent one which costed me RM3000++, which to me, is quite expensive for an average home user desktop PC.

This is the PC I bought. I guess this little guy wouldn't stand a chance for HD videos in CS5.

If you're using Flash 8 and thinking of moving to CS5, just consider whether you need ActionScript or not. If you don't, Flash 8 all the way!


Are Video Games Useless?

14 November 2010

Do video games bring any benefits at all or they just make you addicted and regret years after that you've wasted your time?

Right, today's my birthday and it's a Sunday, so there are two notices before I start on this post.

1. No WNx comic strip today because I'm busy on my animation project.
2. Yes, it's my birthday! :D

Now take a look at this video. It says about how video games affected this person's life and how much time he has wasted. He regrets and warns people not to play video games because you'll eventually get addicted and so on.

Okay, the first thing I would like to say...which is not-related to the video is this.

There are PLENTY of people giving inspiration nowadays and I'm surprised that they could come up with dumb and wrong inspirations that people believe to be good and correct. Take for example, this quote from a talk in INTI University Nilai, in Malaysia where Bill Clinton gave a talk.

"You cannot focus on what you can't do, but you focus on what you can do and find people to do what you can't do."
- William J. "Bill" Clinton.

What do you mean by something that you cannot do? Do you even need to go out there and find people that can do what you can't do? Just learn it and do it yourself!

2. If you can find people to do things for you, you probably need to pay them. There is no free lunch. If you're not capable yourself, just do something simpler or learn how to do it. Leading a team of people who are 5x more knowledgable than you is not going to get you anywhere and you'll just get overwhelmed. You first need to be capable and intelligent in what you do, then become a wise and strong leader, then you lead people.

3. Someone posted this on Facebook and I don't know what in the world is so inspirational about this. There was even this comment, "so inspiring" wtf...?

Back on topic.

Video games waste a hell lot of our time? This is relative and to be honest it is a swooping statement. If you read tons of stories like Harry Potter and the sort as much as a gaming addict plays video games, you are also wasting your time as much as a gaming addict does.

The benefits of reading are just about the same of the benefits of video games. But in video games, I bet you get more of it than reading. Such benefits are:

1. Strategic planning, anticipating changes, solving puzzles, do logical reasoning and so much more especially in strategy, puzzle and simulation games.

2. Socialize. Games unite the world through online gaming and gaming competitions, people share the same interest and stuff. To say that a video game makes you less sociable because you stay at home all day in front of the computer is the same as how bookworms sit at home all day and read books. What's the difference? In games, you get to socialize online and you get to compete with others, that's the difference.

It is true that games unite people. This is a picture of me and a bunch of other gamers from other states/country in a gathering. We were going to play paintball.

3. Games increase your creativity that lets you solve problems in various ways. Look at Touhou. The fans create videos and music that are so awesome and imaginative, they could've made a hell lot of money if it were original creations.

IOSYS is a circle that creates high quality (THE BEST) fan-made music and flash animations based on the Touhou game series.

4. Teamwork, leadership and co-ordination. I got this out of L4D and COD4, and I could watch the actions of my teammates to sync with them without any sort of communication. I was able to use this skill in reality and it's like learning psychology.

5. Hand-eye coordination that helps you do everything with ease. Games like COD4 actually improve your vision and reflexes where you actually strain your eyes to see people blending with the backgrounds and other entities. In COD4, they even had snipers with ghille suits and they're hiding in the grass. Serious gamers could spot them and take them out...while I couldn't. Now that's improving vision...even the slightest colour difference could be seen and your field of vision (you could interpret things even if it is at the corner of your eye) is increased.

COD4's Ghille Suits look exactly like grass.

These are just the few benefits I thought of on my mind while writing this. Do you get these benefits in reading? No! Games also portray their story and some games even give you a bunch of stuff to read as if you're reading a novel. Games interact with players so much more and give really healthy benefits.

Why put the blame on video games?

Rinnosuke is a character in Touhou, not much is said/shown about him. The fans called him MANnosuke and gave him MANLY skills. That's just random... and most importantly..FUNNY & CREATIVE! This comic strip is drawn by Wong (not me).

The one to be blamed is the player who lacks self-control and self-discipline. If you're a parent, just get games that a Teen rated or games for kids if your children are still young. Play in moderation. Too much of anything will bring negative effects, DUH.

So look, don't say video games are bad. They're only bad if you play too much with no self-control and sense of time. Almost everything's like that. I'm a gamer and I benefit from gaming a lot. I gained confidence and logic skills to sort out things in my life. I am great in my studies, I accept criticism, I do not get angry easily (after all, online gamers like to talk crap and scold you over the simplest things, but in the end you're having fun) and I could manage time properly (the Sims helped me in my time management). And yeah, I'm not friggin' obese. My BMI's normal and I spend my time bboying as well.

I am relaxed and I feel great as ever. Without games, I couldn't have gotten so many benefits. If you do not play excessively, you get a bunch of benefits, so why not?


Cyber Cafe Name Fail

11 November 2010

Epic Fail #3
Rated 'F' for Fail

Note: The format of the epic fail posts and the "F" images used here are from Evo. Do not use them without his permission.

MMORPG stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. It is a game genre. If you're only providing MMORPGs to play...I bet business wouldn't be so good AND WHO WOULD WANNA USE THAT AS A NAME?

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Smoking Area Fail

09 November 2010

Epic Fail #2
Rated 'F' for Fail

Note: The format of the epic fail posts and the "F" images used here are from Evo. Do not use them without his permission.

In Malaysia, they will tell you that they provide a special place for you to smoke. They're lying.

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WNxH: Consequences

07 November 2010

The comic strip? Is out??

For those of you who visited my blog these few weeks on every Sunday, you must have noticed that the strips are actually not released on Sunday! Why the hell is it here suddenly?

Well...lately, I've been working on a 2D coloured animation project, so I am quite busy actually. I only realized that I haven't draw my comic strips when it's midnight, so I stay up late and draw them, and post them up as Sunday's post. If I couldn't finish drawing, then I would post them up on Monday and apologize...well you get the idea!

WNx Homestay: Consequences

Here's a simple strip with some moral values? in the story...although it might not sound like a moral value, but it's true I guess. We should learn from it.


How to do Easy Plans that Work?

02 November 2010

A coursemate asked me about my plans and stuff, and...

Seriously, my plans are direct and simple that I just don't even know if I should call them plans. Here's how I "plan" and achieve stuff...

Set a realistic and clear desired goal.
Your goals can be a simple statement, like mine...
"I will have 5 digit salaries by working in the field that I like."
"I will marry my girlfriend."
"I will finish up my animation project."

This image is about communication...but I guess we can apply something here. We just have to reach B.

2. Determine methods to achieve desired goal.
Your method should be as simple as possible, with the least complications you can think of. Planning is affected greatly due to dynamic environment which always changes, and unless you are capable of anticipating every single change, then you can have Plan B to Plan Z, but that's not what we're gonna do.

For example, for this goal:
"I will have 5 digit salaries by working in the field that I like."

My methods are the following:
a) I love computers, so i'mma study Foundation in Business IT in INTI College.
b) I'mma further my studies to Degree in Computer Science.
c) I'mma find a decent job with 2k salary and above after graduation.
d) While working, i'mma do my Masters.
e) After Masters, i'mma go for PhD IF POSSIBLE.

Look...my methods are so vague and it doesn't explain what I should do at all. It is simple, because that's the only requirement I need to get 5 digit salary! Who cares if you don't get good results and who cares how much time you need in it? Of course, if you really do get good results, that's better and you could get scholarships and all that. But the direction is still the same.

In a race, there is a track and a finishing line. In life, you don't have to follow the track, you can crawl through alleys and stuff, you just have to get to the finishing line.

3. No Plan B?
It's a good thing to have a Plan B or C if you can anticipate the change. Everything will go as planned without problems because it is anticipated and dealt with. If you couldn't anticipate the change, then we do branching...this is where quick-thinking comes into play.

Planning is bad due to its rigidity. You can't just plan something and stick to it without problems. When the problem comes, your plan should branch out, and each branch should lead back to the main path, so whatever decisions made, still brings you to your goal...just shorter or longer.

So the reason why my goals and methods are so simple, is because this is my easy-to-follow track and no matter what I do, it will still go along the track that I've set many years ago.

When I hit an obstacle, I branch out with any method and can return to the same track and reach the same point.

Having specific methods will not get you anywhere, things change all the time and you might not be able to do it. When you cannot do it, you feel disappointed and stressed, which are one of the potential factors of causing you to travel the wrong way.

Non-related image, but look, all the green lines to the black dots intersect each other. If your goal is at the intersection point, you can achieve them with all related methods. You can even transverse methods smoothly, and that's what I meant by branching out!

What You Need
- Creativity
- Imagination
- Logic
- Ability to Realize

Be creative to design branches that lead back to the main track.
Be imaginative to simulate situations and outcomes.
Be logical to always make the right choice.
Gain the ability to realize to know where you stand and where to go.

Of course, I find this the easiest way to do things because it doesn't give you any stress. No stress = no decision-making problem. It works for me...if it doesn't work for you then I guess there are many other complicated ways out there for you to try.

Some Factors that make Branching / Decision-Making a Failure:
- Stress
- Anger
- Nervous
- Disappointment
- Fear
- Emotion
- Wrong Methods Used for a Goal
- Wrong Goal


Emo Rant Fail

01 November 2010

Epic Fail #1
Rated 'F' for Fail

Look in the damn mirror, ranting about emo shit doesn't change the fact that you are one.

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