How to Get Instant Profit?

01 April 2011

This method will apply to any end-of-the-world believers.

April Fool's, but this may not be a joke, it might as well be a legit method of getting some serious profit! It's simple really. There's a Christian belief that the rapture is on 21st May 2011. There's also 2012, if you haven't forgotten about that. So, let's see how it works!

Sample agreement.

The Method
Since the world is going to end, get the believer to sign a legit agreement that allows them to offer you their belongings after the end-of-the-world date.

2. If they refuse, offer them USD$10,000 to buy all their belongings (make sure you only do this offer to people who have at least a house or an apartment).

3. They sign the contract.

4. Wait till the date comes.

5. ???