Gaming Sportsmanship II

11 December 2009

The second part of gaming sportsmanship.

This second part is about gaming sportsmanship OUTSIDE of a game, not IN a game.

This is one of the examples I recently had and this guy private messaged me. This conversation is in Garena's WC3 RPG Malaysia Room 02, with his gaming name, ^Holy^_^Devil^. Therefore, the conversation will be a little bit asian-ish.

[11:26:30]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
open slot pls
[11:26:33]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i wa joni u game
[11:26:34]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i got map d
[11:26:44]RailKill Say:
dont lie to map is not spread to anyone
[11:27:14]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:27:16]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
me no lie
[11:27:18]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:27:22]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if i lie
[11:27:24]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i cut my kuku]
[11:27:27]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
giv me in pls
[11:27:42]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i go tat map
[11:27:45]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
tryust me
[11:27:47]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i got
[11:27:48]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:27:50]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
let me join

Gaming Sportsmanship Rule #1: Do not beg for a room. If you have the map, host it yourself. Do not make bets that you will cut your genitals because it's obviously a lie.

[11:27:51]RailKill Say:
and what is that map?
[11:27:52]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if i no tat map
[11:27:54]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u kik me
[11:27:59]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
left 4death]
[11:28:2]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if i no tat map
[11:28:3]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u kik me
[11:28:5]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:

Gaming Sportsmanship Rule #2: No point pleading to join a game especially when you can't spell the name properly. (left 4death = Left 4 Dead) The reason why is because my map's name is viewable even if players don't have it, and even so this player could not spell out the name.

[11:28:11]RailKill Say:
u wont have
[11:28:16]RailKill Say:
this is not downloadable online yet
[11:28:26]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i hav
[11:28:28]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u trust me ma?
[11:28:29]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:28:32]RailKill Say:
i dont
[11:28:35]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
let me in
[11:28:37]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if i dl
[11:28:38]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u kik me
[11:28:39]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:28:41]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i ral have
[11:28:43]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if i lie
[11:28:44]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i cut
[11:28:50]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i say real
[11:28:51]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:29:7]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
can u let me join?

Gaming Sportsmanship Rule #3: When the game is not uploaded to the net, it will not be in the net.

[11:29:11]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if don
[11:29:13]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:29:16]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:29:21]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
haizdon tryustme then don la
[11:29:23]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:29:32]RailKill Say:
yes i dont trust you
[11:29:48]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u let me in 1sdt la
[11:29:51]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if i dl
[11:29:53]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u kik me
[11:29:56]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:29:58]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u jus see
[11:30:2]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i got or no tat map
[11:30:18]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
jus open 1 slot

Gaming Sportsmanship Rule #4: Don't say never mind when you know the next second you go sighing and cursing randomly.

[11:30:18]RailKill Say:
if you're not my friend, dont speak to me about my map
[11:30:19]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
let me in
[11:30:43]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:30:44]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i tell u
[11:30:50]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
i oli can say i got tat map aso
[11:30:51]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:30:55]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
don let me in then don
[11:31:0]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
if i got u die tonight12pm
[11:31:2]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:3]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:4]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:8]RailKill Say:
[11:31:9]RailKill Say:
[11:31:14]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:16]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:21]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
ba n u
[11:31:25]RailKill Say:
[11:31:28]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:29]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:31]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:31:35]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u sure die la i tell u
[11:31:37]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:

Gaming Sportsmanship Rule #5: Making jokes is good and makes people happy (e.g. u die tonight 12pm) [and who would thought 12pm is at night anyway], but doing in such a way is still bad sportsmanship and humiliates yourself.

[11:32:12]RailKill Say:
thanks for posting ur immaturity, i will put ur name up among my friends for them to see
[11:32:22]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:32:22]RailKill Say:
and u dont have to tell me what u think about it
[11:32:26]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
tis not my id aso
[11:32:28]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
my fren d
[11:32:28]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:32:29]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
[11:32:31]RailKill Say:
its ok
[11:32:33]^Holy^_^Devil^ Say:
u ban 3day
[11:32:34]RailKill Say:
ur fren will get it then

Gaming Sportsmanship Rule #6: Do not use the excuse that you are using your friend's ID because it does not make any difference. It also seems that the player does not exactly know what banning even is.

The whole conversation is no doubt, funny and enjoyable. However, for those who take it seriously, you are only at loss because you are the only one who is frustrated. So my fellow gamers! A game is a game, no point ranting over stuff and wasting your time. A game is made to play for fun, not to win.

Please follow my advice on gaming sportsmanship to make the gaming world a better place for all new gamers!