Ability of Cats

01 December 2009

Kitty's ability? Are they what others say?

Most of you heard cat's have nine lives, land the right way up and so on. But are all of these statements true? Just a little discussion/info for all of you to look.

The Abilities Mentioned
1. Night-vision / Seeing in the dark!
It is true that the cats' eyes are able to adapt to the dark and can see much better than the human eye in the dark. However, they could not see in total darkness. If there's a little light, they are able to see. Perhaps not as clear as during the day, cats can predict their obstacles very well and look as if they can see everything in darkness.

2. Landing on their feet on every fall.
The reason how cats can angle themselves on falls are because they do not have a collarbone. Their backbones are more mobile than other animals. This is called the righting reflex, which already begins to appear when cats are at 3-4 weeks of age. However, if the cat were to fall from a larger height like 2 storeys or more, their legs could no longer absorb all the shock and will injure themselves.

3. Intelligence.
Cats are said to have intelligence. They are able to make use of what they learn and apply it in their own situations. If you teach a cat how to move a box, they might move the box in order to climb on and reach a higher area. Cats also have a better memory than dogs or even monkeys.

4. Curiousity.
Cats by nature are curious. They are able to observe and learn the things that humans do.

So kitty-lovers, if you ever own a cat, cats are very great at stuff. Although they have this "attitude" and "king-of-the-house" personality, they're very agile, smart and cute creatures. Their ingenious abilities have always been able to amaze their owners. You just have to hope that your cat isn't like Garfield!

All of the cat drawings above a done by Nico.