Paintball In Ipoh

02 December 2009

To all people living in Perak or Ipoh, there is a new thing you can get yourselves into!

Yes, there is a new paintball field opened in Ipoh which is opened at around July 2009! It is open to everyone, so if you want to try it, you can look at the details given below. This seems to be the first speedsball field in Ipoh.

Venue / Map

Package A - RM80 for 500 pellets, mask and marker.

There are other packages etc. and packages for people who have their own markers. Please enquire them more about it for more information.

You may contact the following people who are in charge of the paintball field.

Benz S.P - +60194661161
Keng - +60125220184

Happy paintballing with your friends!