[Notice] - Blog's Inactivity

26 December 2009

Blog has been inactive these few days with very low frequency of posts.

I know it has been inactive and there isn't much to see now in this blog, because I have been travelling to KL for Christmas and some family matters. Therefore! I would like to apologize for the long inactive periods of my blog that held all of you back from visiting more often.

Guides have been reduced to almost none per week. So I hope you could bear with me more as I will post whenever I have the time!

Break Periods
These are the following dates the blog will be very inactive.
1 January 2010 - 2 January 2010 (New Year, will be in KL)
3 January 2010 - 14 March 2010 (National Service)
Maybe from May 2010 Onwards (College In-take)

When I am away in those break periods, my girlfriend will take over for me. She has her studies and work to do, her schedule is always full as well. So the blog won't be as active as ever, but it will stay alive as long as I'm here to take care of it.

So please start visiting more often after 14 March 2010, as Terminator said...