How to Customize Facebook Theme?

01 February 2014

Cool blue theme with CSS hover effects for your Facebook addiction!

Customizing your theme only applies to you locally, which means nobody else can see it except yourself. However, it does serve as a very cool eye candy to show off to you and your friends, and they'll be asking how you did it! Here's a picture below, it's actually pretty neat with effects that give out a blue light as you hover over some of the controls.

"Dark Shiny Blue" by DaedalusIcarusHelios

You actually have to run a Javascript which locally replaces the CSS for the Facebook controls. It is not permanent, so it goes back to normal after you refresh your page. If you really want it to stay permanent, you will need to download something like GreaseMonkey for Firefox which applies it for you every time you visit Facebook. Okay, here's how to do it:

  1. The first step is to go to this link:
  2. Select all (Ctrl + A) and copy it (Ctrl + C).
  3. Go to your Facebook home page. You need to be there for the CSS to actually replace the controls on the page itself.
  4. If you're using Google Chrome, press Ctrl + Shift + J.
    If you're using Mozilla Firefox, press Ctrl + Shift + K.
  5. Paste the code (Ctrl + V) and press Enter to execute.
  6. You will immediately see your Facebook in its new theme.

As of today, maybe this theme doesn't work so well with the new Facebook Timeline, it may have some glitches here and there, but it's still one of the better themes out there. If you find any better themes, please do share it at the chatbox!