College Problems in Malaysia

20 March 2014

Academic excellence is overrated. I know I get straight As and all, but these are some reasons why I don't actually study hard:

1. Scholarship is a lie.

2. Charge thousands for information obtainable online like those conman seminars.

3. Strictly follows a marking scheme which has no realistic grading of your actual capabilities.

4. Strictly follows stupid rules and imposing subjective values which does not matter or are of no relation to reality.

5. Colleges forget that you're their customer, but never forget about getting your money.

6. Colleges act as if your academic excellence is important to them, but only to make use of it for free to gain more money.

7. Colleges, even in the UK, having poor coordination and management worse than local government agencies.

8. Lecturers do not strictly follow the stupid rules aforementioned and therefore students get low marks.

9. Lecturers and teachers act as an authoritative figure, or focused on teacher-centered learning.

10. Some idiot who is the husband of the lecturer interrupts the class to ask the customer for respect, although it should be the other way round. =P

11. Theories everywhere, but no realistic application. All talk, no do.

12. Assignments which require you to use certain materials or facilities but not provided in the college, so the student has to pay. After that, use the students projects as part of their free marketing to further con more people.

13. Assignments asking you to do more than what is taught in order to achieve good results such as doing a degree-level project during your diploma, so your own learning is required, further highlighting the expensive tuition as a total ripoff in the first place. They call it "testing your research skills" which is also not taught in the course.

14. Colleges participating and encouraging students to do MLM as part of their business.

15. Colleges don't care. But they're not honest with it, so it's like having a relationship with an affair.

16. I achieved more knowledge and finished projects which benefited everyone in 3 years with free time than 3 years in college.

17. Constant sausagefests from primary school until now.

18. Colleges feel that students with marks above 80% is too high and will do whatever they can to press it down to either 60% or 70% so they don't have to go through the troublesome peer reviewing process due to their stupid rules designed to make peer reviewing sound like some kind of alien technology.

19. Students are always being taught what to think, and not how to think. Students are never taught how to voice out and fight for their rights. No school or college here teaches logic, critical thinking and its applications correctly, yet expect students to apply such skills to get good grades, at the same time exploiting them right under their noses.

20. Good grades are just for show.