Apple Products & Vouchers Contest! (Campaign)

28 January 2011

It's been quite a while since I've posted any campaigns, so here's one.

Applied Region: Malaysia Only
Campaign Type: Contest

Maybank is having a contest that lets you win Apple products! Stand a chance to win vouchers for all Apple products, iPads, iPods and more. All you need to do is to recruit as many friends in Facebook. This earns you points, and the highest score wins.

They give out prizes on a weekly and monthly basis. Weekly winners stand a chance to win iPod Shuffles while monthly winners stand a chance to win iPads. Winning weekly and monthly prizes are quite good too, so give it a try!

Support This Campaign!

Darkness and Light SEA - Update Bypass & Watch Replays

22 January 2011

Darkness and Light SEA update bypass which allows you to watch your replays.

Yes, this is for Darkness and Light SEA only, not other versions. This is actually not a bypass, it does not bypass XTrap or anything, it just lets you start the DAL Client so that you can watch your replays. I would like to call it a DAL CLIENT STARTER, but I guess many people would search for a "bypass" instead. The XTrap functions are not removed in any way, so the game does a periodic check about every 30 mins with XTrap, and since we don't have it, the game will close/crash. So you have about 30 mins to view your replays.

If you know how to get around XTrap, you can try to reverse engineer it. You can also try to get pass the login screen, both which I am trying to work around now.

All my updates about DAL will also be on ShadowTeamX3's blog. We are also working on a Warcraft III map for DAL, if you're interested, please visit his blog for updates.

How to Bypass DAL Update
Okay, I modified the and files, so all you need to do is to overwrite them in your DAL folder. Be sure to backup the old files, these are just to get the game started, nothing more.

Step 1
If DAL Client is not installed in your computer, please visit ShadowTeamX3's blog to see the article which has the download links there. You can download the DAL SEA client there.

Step 2
Download DAL Client Bypass Patch from ShadowTeamX3's blog post.

Step 3
Unzip DALSEA Patch.rar and extract and in DAL SEA folder. Click 'yes' to replace the files. Be sure to backup the old files too!

Step 4
Launch DAL.exe, the updater should 'bypass' the update. For Windows Vista/7 users, run DAL.exe as administrator.
DAL will think it has already been patched, so it will say Patch Completed. Click 'Start' to launch the game.

Step 5
XTrap Error should pop up. Click 'Start' again. (Do not click 'OK' as it will terminate the program.)

NOTE: If you're using Windows Vista/7, especially 64-bit users, you might get an error saying that is not associated with a program, or something. If so, please run it in compability mode for Windows XP, then run as Administrator.

Step 6
DAL should launch now. Congratulations, you've successfully entered the login page. Click 'Replay' to watch your saved replays. Make sure your replay file is placed in DAL\REPLAY folder in My Documents.

Step 7
Enjoy your replay!

Yes, I have obtained permission from ShadowTeamX3 A.K.A NuevoEvo to put the images here. He also has my permission to put my work on his blog. We work together. Most DAL updates will be on his blog. My work will be showed here, and then linked to his blog. Enjoy!


How to Identify Songs Easily?

18 January 2011

A song identifier that lets you identify songs through a recording device, or in your computer itself. You can easily identify songs online with this.

Sometimes, you just hear a really good song, but you don't know what it's called. You search high and low and you can't find its name. So, let me introduce a program called Tunatic, which lets you identify the songs.

How to Identify Songs Using Tunatic?
Download Tunatic
Tunatic is a free software. It identifies the song that is captured in your recording device such as Microphone or Stereo Mix (for within the computer itself) by comparing it with its database of songs. Get it here:

2. Install and run Tunatic.
Install it and run it, it doesn't matter if you have the song playing or not.

3. Configure Tunatic settings.
Right-click on the Tunatic window, and click Settings. Here, you can choose your input device. Your input devices available here are the same as what is available in your Control Panel > Sound > Recording Devices window. If you disable certain devices in the Recording Devices window, you will not see it in Tunatic.

If you want to record the sound in your computer, choose Stereo Mix. Be sure to enable Stereo Mix in Recording Devices.

4. Play a song, click on the icon and wait for Tunatic to identify the song!

If you're using older versions of Windows, it is under Sounds, under the Audio tab, under Recording Devices, click Volume and check Stereo Mix to enable it.

Can't Identify Song!
If Tunatic doesn't identify the song, it is either:
a) The song quality is low or there's too much noise/disruptions.
b) The song is not in Tunatic's database.

Can't Find Stereo Mix!
If you can't find Stereo Mix under Recording Devices, it is most probably your sound card does not support it. You cannot do anything about it if your sound card doesn't support it.


Should Begging be Illegal?

17 January 2011

Begging and panhandling as a legal issue, should it be illegal to beg or not?

Now, in most other countries or states where panhandling is strictly prohibited. Some may have rules here and there as well. But in Malaysia, there is no law prohibiting this act.

What is Begging or Panhandling?
These involve asking for donations/money with no legalized/official means of support, "camping" in an area waiting for people to drop coins, actively asking people to spare some money, using emotions to convince people of their money, and so on.

Panhandling that might make you feel better if you want to scream and curse at someone.

What are the Harms of This Act?
Begging is seen more like a trickery, and by exploiting humans' sympathetic qualities, they often earn quite a lot of money just by going around collecting spare change. The thing is, there is no lying/cheating/falsifying information in begging. If it involves lying, it becomes a con, which mostly is the case.

More professional panhandlers include those asking for donations for charity using specified donation boxes. They often prepare donation boxes with a SET amount of money only, such as $5, $10 and $20, so that your minimum donation is at least $5. This makes people feel that they should give more, which makes you feel cheated of your money.

Besides that, the beggar himself may become lazy and just spends the rest of his life begging because it's easy and can be quite a payoff. Normally, it is because the beggar lacks education or capabilities to work. Knowing that he will only be employed for a very small amount of salary that is insufficient to support himself or his family, begging seems to be the better choice.

There are some honest beggars who really can't make much of a living with no education and lacking capabilities to work.

Why I Think Begging is Okay
You have a choice.
If the beggar is not a conman, then it is okay. Nobody forces you to give your money. Begging should be distinguished from conning as not all beggars are conmen. There are some sincere and honest beggars who may be really lazy and lack the education, but it is our choice to give them money or not.

2. You shouldn't blame people for being an annoyance.
Everyone in the world can be annoying at times. If these beggars just seem annoying to you, you should be open and accept them. If you do not wish to pay them, simply walk away or tell them that you're not willing to give anything. If it becomes a harassment, THEN it becomes illegal.

3. Humans have the rights to do what they want.
We cannot simply say it is wrong just because people are lazy and come out to beg for money which may bear an awful sight. We cannot say that it is wrong just because there is a possibility that many people will become lazy, and become beggars, thus slowing down the development of the country.

It is their choice if they're lazy to work, or lack the education/capabilities to work. Beggars don't bring much of a harm to anyone, it is the conmen who do.

If too much beggars brings down the development of the country, spend some money and bring up a welfare so that you can find them a job. Accept them and employ them. If they refuse to be employed, what are we to do? Force them to work? Force them to stay at home? Just let them do whatever the hell they want to do.

There cannot be too many beggars, don't worry. If there are too many, then begging would become very difficult, and nobody would want to be one anymore. The public will be more aware not to donate to beggars.

If nobody gives money to beggars = beggars no money = beggars find something else to do.

Begging Companies
There are some sort companies which employ beggars to beg for money. Basically they send out beggars all over the place to get money, and then they'll get some salary for it.

It might be quite cheating or unfair, but I'm fine with it since I don't donate to beggars anyway. Why make it illegal? If we don't donate, the company will get bankrupt too. They're not doing any sort of business, they merely rely on donations, which is under our control.

It may be wrong, but it is not necessary to make it illegal and fine/jail someone for it. If you think begging is unfair, cheating and is a trick, then simply don't give your money. When everyone does not give their money, begging will automatically perish.

I'm basically talking about honest beggars who don't lie about themselves. The beggars who are not conmen. If they didn't con anyone, why jail them? They're just lazy, that's all.


Christian Fail #2

11 January 2011

Epic Fail #8
Rated 'F' for Fail

Note: The format of the epic fail posts and the "F" images used here are from Evo. Do not use them without his permission.

Firstly, the definition of atheism is simply the lack of belief in the existence of god(s). How can a lack of belief be a belief system?

Secondly, 93% of the members of National Academy of Sciences reject the concept of god (The Nation, June 2007) and apparently they do not know "real science."

Thirdly, atheists rely on science and evidence, the ones "seducing" others are not atheists, but theists, who actually quote scriptures which have been mistranslated and altered many times, disregarding all scientific evidence and brainwashing people that they'll go to hell for not having faith. Some theists also said that the Old Testament is not part of the bible, and I don't know who they're trying to fool.

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Business Card Win

09 January 2011

Epic Fail #7
Rated 'F' not for Fail but for Win

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Why the hell do people spend days and days trying to design a business card anyway?

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Cirno Meme: I Am There Now

04 January 2011

Meme on Cirno's failed logic.

I got this idea suddenly, Cirno is so strong that she can be anywhere she wants to.


Rageguy Meme: Mitsuku Chatbot

03 January 2011

A Rageguy Meme about Mitsuku Chatbot.

Mitsuku Chatbot is a programmed AI that responds to your text input which you can find here:

Rageguy T-Shirts
Apparently, many sites have been selling T-shirts that contain this meme on them. I am not happy with this. These companies are basically taking funny Internet memes that were created by someone and made use of it to MAKE MONEY.

That's right, make money based off of someone else's idea just by putting that ONE IMAGE onto a damn T-shirt. The 4chan people were furious about this. I hope they'll do something to stop this. The companies obviously and literally don't know who they're dealing with when they're dealing with the crazily epic /b/ community.

Please do not support the buying of Rageguy T-shirts. You might as well make your own.


CSI Meme: Self-Centered

02 January 2011

A CSI Miami Meme with Horatio.

Alright, I apologize for not bringing up the WNx comic strips. For now, WNx Homestay will be temporarily discontinued. WNx Homestay is still my creation, and I might use it for animations, stories and possibly standalone game projects. The reason is, possibly none of the readers really enjoy this comic strip, and they aren't really funny, so I'll discontinue them for now. Besides, I also have my hands full with other projects.

I got this idea from Ryan, a friend of mine, thanks to him. Anyways, if you watched CSI Miami, you would know that it always starts off with a few random scenes (normally with Horatio and his sunglasses) and then suddenly it shows Miami and plays the theme song, "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who. And it starts with the part of the song that goes...


If you watched it, it explains everything.


Christian Double Fail

01 January 2011

Epic Fail #6
Rated 'F' for Fail

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm back for now, so just read this fail even though it might not be funny, but it's still a fail! :D

Note: The format of the epic fail posts and the "F" images used here are from Evo. Do not use them without his permission.

"OMGz Hillsong is the BEST THING my mom ever said about!"
"You don't understand what was that about, so shaddap, pusseh!"

Hillsong is still the best thing a mother can say. Why? Because you don't "understand" what's going on.

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