CSI Meme: Self-Centered

02 January 2011

A CSI Miami Meme with Horatio.

Alright, I apologize for not bringing up the WNx comic strips. For now, WNx Homestay will be temporarily discontinued. WNx Homestay is still my creation, and I might use it for animations, stories and possibly standalone game projects. The reason is, possibly none of the readers really enjoy this comic strip, and they aren't really funny, so I'll discontinue them for now. Besides, I also have my hands full with other projects.

I got this idea from Ryan, a friend of mine, thanks to him. Anyways, if you watched CSI Miami, you would know that it always starts off with a few random scenes (normally with Horatio and his sunglasses) and then suddenly it shows Miami and plays the theme song, "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who. And it starts with the part of the song that goes...


If you watched it, it explains everything.