Rageguy Meme: Mitsuku Chatbot

03 January 2011

A Rageguy Meme about Mitsuku Chatbot.

Mitsuku Chatbot is a programmed AI that responds to your text input which you can find here:

Rageguy T-Shirts
Apparently, many sites have been selling T-shirts that contain this meme on them. I am not happy with this. These companies are basically taking funny Internet memes that were created by someone and made use of it to MAKE MONEY.

That's right, make money based off of someone else's idea just by putting that ONE IMAGE onto a damn T-shirt. The 4chan people were furious about this. I hope they'll do something to stop this. The companies obviously and literally don't know who they're dealing with when they're dealing with the crazily epic /b/ community.

Please do not support the buying of Rageguy T-shirts. You might as well make your own.