How to Draw Anime Cats?

14 November 2009

How to draw a cute cartoony cat that is not realistic? Here's how.

This cat is actually Ohmchii the Cat from my WNx Homestay comic. So this is how I draw anime-style cats, with those big anime eyes. It's actually pretty simple and what we want to do is to make it cute and cartoony. In my comic, Ohmchii the Cat is a cute and innocent cat with a slightly elegant look.

What You Need
- Pencil
- Compass


1. Use the compass to draw a circle.

2. Draw a curve inwards on the left side of the circle near the middle like this.

3. At the deepest point of the curve is where the eyes can be drawn. Draw two curves like this, like a frowning curve as the eyes. Join it together to form a square-like shape.

4. Add a circle at the top right corner in the eyes as highlights. Draw a small triangle slighty lower in between the eyes and draw a "3" pointing upwards as the cute smile. Draw ears at the side of the head with some distance between each other.

5. Add in some spikes around the circle to show fur. Draw a smaller body below the head.

This is the completed version of the drawing. I added all the stuff that Ohmchii needs to have.

I've added in a ribbon collar, some stripes at the side of the head and these two blushie ovals near the eyes to add in the overall cuteness of the kitty. Adding these feminine items show that the cat is a girl. Good luck in adding your own accessories and customizing your kitty!