How to Create An Online TV?

01 November 2009

Create a live broadcast or a timed one with your own videos or streaming from the net.

You want your own TV Channel? It might not be too simple, but there's a way for you to put up any videos online and people from all over the world can come and view it. This is good especially when you have your own videos you want to put up, your own music, or just about anything you want to share with others.

What You Need
- Your TV Channel's Logo (Square, 300x300 pixels recommended)
- Your TV Channel's Icon (That upper right icon thing you see on TV, 100x100 px)
- Your TV Channel's Banner
- A Bunch of Videos or Video Links
- Internet
- Time

Go to

2. Immediately on that page itself, look for Start Your Own Live Channel and type in your channel's name.

3. Type in your channel's short name and click Launch Free Channel.

4. You will be directed to sign-up, so fill in your details and click Sign Up.

5. You now have 3 choices, click the last one, LiveStream Studio.

6. From there onwards, just keep moving on and filling in details of your TV Channel.

7. Upload your icons, banners and everything.

8. When you reach the Storyboard area, you can now arrange your videos in order to play in your TV Channel, and even upload your own videos.

9. Cue the videos in your storyboard, configure the auto-pilot which will play the videos for you in order when you're not there to control.

10. Finish up everything and you can embed it anywhere you like or give link to your channel.

11. Lastly, go to your account and verify your channel by following the steps there.

Alternate Solution
You can also try, but Livestream is far better in my opinion.