How to Publish a Book?

02 November 2009

Publishing your book for free online.

With the website called, you can now publish your books or e-books on the net for FREE! What happens is, if someone places an order for your book, will print your book out and sell to the customer, and they keep only about 20% the profit. Who says you can't write novels for profit? You can do it now!

What You Need
- Your finished work in .pdf format probably.
- Internet


2. Create your own account first before going to the homepage again.

3. Click Start Your Book at the left-hand side or click Publish at the top.

4. You just need to follow the steps in the site, it's very direct. Select the type of book and so on.

5. Upload your masterpiece, make sure you've finished everything in it.

6. Choose your book cover, continue.

7. Choose your price and finish it!

Note does not charge you anything for the publishing. However, they will offer certain book covers and promote your book for fees, but you can choose not to pay for it.

You have to promote and market your book once it's published. Tell people about your book, write articles, give freebies and so on. The better you promote your book, the better the chance of people buying your book.