How to Make a Pen Rifle?

19 November 2009

Office weapon? Just a little weapon you can do using office utensils!

I know most of you are bored in the office...or maybe in school. This is a little weapon you can make during your free time using your stationary. Some call this the pen rifle, but you can call it whatever you want.

What You Need
- Pen that you can open both front and back.
- Rubber band.
- Strong duct tape.
- Pen cartridge (replaceable with bamboo skewers)


1. Put the pen cartridge into the pen that is opened up front and back to make a hollow tube.

2. Twist the rubber band and put it through the pen tube, about the middle of the pen tube.

3. Tape it into place, use duct tape. Cellophane tape is too weak, I just used it because it's all I have.

4. With the rubber band taped into place, stretch it to the back of your pen cartridge and pull it along like a slingshot. Pull further back until you get a decent tension on the rubber band. Release.

This weapon is not as weak as it looks. It CAN and WILL blind a person if they are shot in the eye even if it is a deflection from the wall. It will be very painful and will cause bleeding when hit on any exposed part of your skin. An average pen rifle shot can travel up to 6 feet which is still very dangerous within that range. Do not use it for fun just to hit your friends.

Do not stretch the rubber band too far out or the pen may miss the pen tube and hit your fingers instead. It will cause bleeding.

Also, the wearing out of the rubber band will cause the efficiency of the weapon to decrease. It will be harder to make a shot and it will be easier for you to injure yourself if you're not careful. Replace the rubber band with a new one if it is about to tear or is wearing off.