Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

12 September 2009

A game of Jigsaw Puzzle - one of our common hobbies.

Nico and I used to play lots of jigsaw puzzles together through the Internet. Even now, we still have this common favourite of doing jigsaw puzzles together.

Solving puzzles of each other could be much of an amusement for us.

1. Encourages socializing, co-operation and teamwork.
Doing puzzles together are a good way of communicating with each other on ways solely to solve the puzzle. Eventually you will talk to one another about the puzzle, and the strategy to completing it. Teamwork applies as each of you will do the puzzle separately and join it all together in the end to be quicker.

2. Encourages concentration and patience.
Solving jigsaw puzzles that are really challenging especially when all the colours seem alike would be extremely difficult and frustrating for the impatient. These tough puzzles encourage you to look precisely at the pattern and texture of each jigsaw piece to match with another.

3. Source of entertainment and quality time.
The interest in games such as jigsaw puzzles which are suitable for all ages make a very appropriate activity for the family as well as anyone. Spending quality time with family and friends will enlighten anyone and create a blissful mindset among themselves.

Somehow, Nico always solves puzzles quicker than me.

The qualities that puzzles can inculcate in you gives you a rough guide on how to handle your challenges and mindset in your life. It shows us how to gather our concentration and focus in viewing a certain challenge, spotting and putting the pieces together through meticulous observation in our life. Our mind is like a puzzle, and we need to put the pieces together in the right place, to face the right thing and not ranting over useless matters where you think you could not overcome. Our life is like a series of games and puzzles. Solve. Overcome. Get over it. Enjoy.

Patience makes everything clearer for anyone. Those who do not practice patience are fools.