[Notice] - Blog's Layout

29 September 2009

There seems to be a problem with my blog's layout.

Deric messaged me and told me that my layout has a problem. The sidebar appears to be right at the bottom of all the blog posts, which is extremely ugly. This is a problem faced by Evo as well, and he managed to get it back to normal by using Internet Explorer. It seems that the blog's layout is not compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Safari and possibly other internet browsers.

Due to how this world is full of Firefox users, the blog's layout will be changed sooner or later for readability. Here's what Deric said about the one who created the template! =P

Deric: your layout is an IE fanboy, not compatible with firefox or safari also

Indeed. So for all other blogs, make sure your template is compatible with all internet browsers for good readability. Bad layouts are always an eye sore. I will update the layout once I found a suitable one. Carmen Leong, if you're reading this, your blog's template seems to have the same problem when I was viewing it, probably not compatible with Internet Explorer?