How To Reduce Pimples

28 September 2009

Wash, wash, wash! It ain't going away!

Some of us, including myself are having a hard time trying to reduce our pimples on our faces to look good and confident! So here are a few little tips you can take. Take note that some of the tips here may not work for certain individuals, so try and see what's best for you.

These are the good stuff that cleanses your skin to reduce blemishes and stuff. Mainly, cleansers come together as toners and moisturizers as well. The most effective medication against pimples are benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. You do not have to wash your face with cleansers for 5 times a day. Once or twice a day would suffice. Keep in mind that the oil on your face (sebum) is the cause of the pore blockage, but it also plays an important role in protecting your skin. The more you get rid of it, the more sebum is produced, not good.

Here is a little example of a product from The Body Shop which is nice.

Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser

A decent product which does the job for you. Just squirt out some foam and apply it onto your face. Contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil. You can probably buy it in Malaysia for around RM40.

Acne Balm / Cream
A very well known product for pimples is Oxy and it is widely used because of its strength. I must advice that Oxy is very strong and not everyone could be used to its product. It's main ingredient is benzoyl peroxide and aids pretty well with clearing up your pimples. I recommend Oxy 5 Regular Strength, but use according to your own tolerance. Do not try to apply to much of this as it will really make your skin dry out and sometimes sore.

Oxy 5 Regular Strength

Besides that, you can also try Hazeline Snow, which is a moisturizing cream. It is used more for dry skin and can be used on acne scars. It makes a nice skin care product too. And yes, it is old school, but it's good.

Hazeline Snow Moisturizing Cream

Knowing Food Intolerance / Healthy Lifestyle
Certain people have a kind of food intolerance that causes acne breakout. If you know that certain food causes increased acne breakouts, then try not to consume it too much. Lastly, live a healthy lifestyle by taking your vegetables, exercise and get enough sleep to be able to fight those bacteria badguys!

Go for Skin Care Treatment
Going to these places lets you know the type of your skin and the best ways to overcome your acne problems quickly. It might be costly, but this seems to be one of the quickest and more effective ways of treating acne. They have all the equipment and the right skin care products that work really well. They will teach you how to take good care of your skin.