Blog Sidebar at Bottom

30 September 2009

Blog's sidebar appears to be pushed to the bottom sometimes.

This seems to be the problem with my blog where the sidebar is pushed to the bottom. This only happens to different users however, as I used Firefox and viewed it myself and nothing's wrong. When I went to Carmen's site, it appears to be normal! It also happens when you use different internet browsers. So I've been trying to overcome this little layout problem. It seems that there are 3 common causes of this problem.

- Correcting the width of the sidebar.
- Reducing links / pictures.
- Repairing broken codes.

The first problem seems to be out because the width is 274, my Cbox is only 200. However, to be safe, I changed the width of the Cbox to 180. Second might the problem, as sometimes pictures exceed the width, commonly when I link images through Photobucket instead of uploading to Blogger. Broken codes is plausible, but for now I don't see anything. Some say it's because of a comment code which is not closed or opened. I checked my template, but I already knew because this template doesn't support comments! So that's not the case too.

Please report to me or screenshot if you can when you face the problem where the sidebar in my blog appears at the bottom. I will try to fix it.