Long Distance Relationship

06 September 2009

Tips for keeping a long distance relationship going.

Long distance relationships can be very painful and harsh to go on with your partner. Here are a few simple tips though.

Short and Simple Tips
1. Always trust your partner.
You cannot see your partner, and you might not know what your partner does, but just trust your partner. There's no point doubting your partner for cheating on you while you don't know anything. Just believe your partner and hold strong to your relationship as promised.

2. Always keep in touch.
Always keep in touch to make the distance seem shorter. Tell your partner about the little things that you did everyday, it means a lot and it keeps your partner happy. There are many means of communication such as e-mails, phone and so on. If your partner is living somewhere far away with a different time zone, you could pick a time where both of you are free or just send e-mails.

3. Build a strong relationship.
You might have been always missing your partner and have been waiting for years just to meet your partner, so you need to have a very strong plinth in your relationship, which you can continue to build. Let your imagination run wild! Send gifts, e-mails, letters, cards, drawings, play online games together, anything that you can think of to be romantic. Record your stupidity while expressing your love in public, or create an abstract/poster about how your love started and how the story goes up until now. Remember, every single thing you do, your partner will like it that's for sure. Go crazy over each other and stay away from other attractions.

4. Sacrifice and commitment.
Don't be a coward and start sacrificing some time or take risks to contact your partner, or at least send a mail. Love is all about commitment and sacrifice, and you're bound to do it. No matter how busy you are, a simple call would suffice, even if it is for a few minutes. It's always better to call and chat about everything you do, crack some lame jokes and make yourself comfortable. Understand your partner, and always give some time for each other. Do things to attract your partner. (Girls always love to be chased)

5. Understanding.
Understand each other, and solve all problems in your relationship. Do not argue about the same thing over and over. If you see a problem, say it, and work it out together. Couples are a team, and both of you are at the same level. A team must always work together.